Jane The Virgin: 5.11 Chapter Ninety-Two

Jane The Virgin: 5.11 Chapter Ninety-Two

Getting things back to normal; a desire Chapter Ninety-Two and I have in common. Rogelio and Xiomara want to get back to normal in their marriage, Alba and Jorge are finding their normal as newlyweds, Petra is attempting to get back to normal after JR broke up with her and left for Houston and Jane and Rafael are getting back to normal after ending things and discovering that Mateo has ADHD. Getting back to normal, however, is easier said than done in a telenovela.

Jane the Virgin currently has all its couples in different points in their lives. From the just married to the just broken up, and all that in-between. Let's start with Rogelio and Xo and their continuing happy marriage. On the road to recovery, Xiomara finally gets the cancer-free call from the doctor in what was the best scene in this week's episode. You can't help feel the weight and emotion as the Villanueva women wait for the call. The tension was palpable and the relief, joyful. Another milestone was hit during recovery as Rogelio and Xiomara had their first fight without either noticing or worrying about cancer. River Fields, Rogelio's co-star on 'This Is Mars' makes more than the one pass at Mr De La Vega and ends up in a fight with Xiomara in a Martian pool populated with the first Martian shark. I'm enjoying all the Martian things, including the Martian flower we see River picking to the "he loves me, he loves me not" to conclude the episode.

Back on earth and as the "man of the house" Jorge decides to move in, Jane, as is common recently, oversteps by assuming that Jorge is taking advantage of Alba. This is excellently put to bed by Alba in a dressing down of Jane that rarely happens by anyone other than Petra. Speaking of which, even though we do a time jump of three weeks in Chapter Ninety-Two, Petra is still struggling to come to terms with the recent split with JR. Petra decides to jump head first into her work in order to distract herself from the thoughts of calling JR. As Petra is planning to re-decorate the Marbella hotel, she goes through temps as quick as Jane goes through stationery. This brings back the return of Krishna, Petra's former assistant. What is a little blackmail and imprisonment between employer and employee anyway?

From one split couple to another, we find Rafael and Jane getting along as friends and tackling the decisions and plan put in place through Mateo's ADHD. Rafael having a date gives Jane pause and further motivation to leave home and finally move on. Getting back to normal is not always easy in the land of drama that is Jane the Virgin, however, for now, at least we are on track. Let's see what messes all that up in the next episode.

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