Jane The Virgin: 5.10 Chapter Ninety-One

Jane The Virgin: 5.10 Chapter Ninety-One

The standard frantic nature of Jane the Virgin is heightened in Chapter Ninety-One as it mirrors the life of not only Jane but Mateo.

After the successful 'This Is Mars' pitch, Jane and Rogelio have moved forward with this new reiteration of 'The Passions of Santos.' On top of this, Jane has discovered that inspiration for her novel has struck and it' full steam ahead on that front too. To continue my train analogy, both projects are scheduled to collide as Rogelio informs Jane that the network wants a pilot script and Jane's mentor, Marlene wants new pages on her novel. Assistance is given for 'This Is Mars' in the form of Dina, the writer that cultivated the 'The Passions of Santos.' Rightfully unhappy at being overlooked for the new projects, Dina refuses to speak to Rogelio and will only communicate through Jane. Jane really struggles to focus on one script and we're treated to an amusing and overblown mix of both worlds throughout the episode.

Also struggling to focus is Mateo, who's teacher mentioned to Jane and Rafael that he's behind in his reading ability in an earlier episode, is now suggesting Mateo be tested for any potential learning difficulties. Rafael at first is very much against the idea of getting him tested and Jane takes the decision to set up an appointment without his knowledge. When Rafael comes to the decision the test would be for the best he attempts to arrange an appointment and discovers one already has already been set up. This test was completed with the doctor stating she believes Mateo has ADHD. Jane the Virgin is showcasing this complicated relationship from many different angles than simply unrequited love. After this latest test, a new custody agreement is to be set up in order to give further consent to both parents regarding healthcare choices.

To Petra and JR, as we pick up from last week's announcement that the job offer JR received was from Houston. JR has been good for Petra as she calls out Petra's personality that others may be too scared to do so. JR also brings out a side to Petra that we have not seen throughout the run of the show. The decision to have them attempt to get over obstacles in order to make their relationship was always sweet as it always seemed worth it. We go from facetime sex to break up all very quickly leaving you stranded in many respects. All the previous work that was done on both sides is now thrown away and feels more for the plot device than character development.

The long orchestrated set up to have Luisa return to the side of Rose succeeds in Chapter Ninety-One as Rafael refuses to believe that she has no knowledge of the accounts in her name set up by Rose. This thread has occasionally put to the one side in order to build or simply due to bigger events happening elsewhere so when it eventually happens, you are not left too surprised. Don't get me wrong though, the interest is there for the continued storyline.

To wrap up we have Jane leaving the telenovela to concentrate on her book and Rogelio pulling out some of the women in his life in order to convince Dina to stay on as a writer.

Running into the latter half of the final season now and still expect a lot to happen. Let's buckle in as this may get bumpy.

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