Jane The Virgin: 5.08 Chapter Eighty-Nine

Jane The Virgin: 5.08 Chapter Eighty-Nine

We're back in Miami as Jane attempts to move on from Michael and her trip to Montana. At the end of Chapter Eighty-Eighty, Rafael shared that is was "too late" for both of them to mend what they once had. Naturally, Jane didn't follow the suggestion of space from Rafael, Alba and Xo and instead starts spending too much time doing the exact opposite in Chapter Eighty-Nine.

We're also back involved in the lives of the family as Alba's immigration hearing with Jorge has been moved up. Alba struggles with this due to what she believes is unrequited feelings towards Jorge. These are the sweetest moments of this episode as the green card interview provokes both anxiety and the need for Alba and Jorge to spend extended time together. In order to maintain her distance, Alba requests help from Xiomara. This brings the best scene in what can be described as an otherwise foundation episode to get us back into the swing of it away from Michael. The scene involves Alba sharing regret over spending so long attempting to change her daughter rather than celebrating the person she became. A very touching scene that carries a lot of weight.

To show Mateo that quitting is not an option no matter how hard, Jane signs up to write a new pitch for 'The Passions of Steve and Brenda' following notes from the network. Due to the aforementioned stalker tendencies, Jane forgets and leaves her father disappointed. A "Romorse" basket is made to apologise which always amuses me. Mateo needs such as sign as his teacher states that he's struggling with reading and is behind most other members in his class. Also doing a little misreading is Jane when Rafael starts texting and Jane believes this is her window in. It's noted that it's better than using a literal window to get into his life which didn't seem too far out the conversation at one point. On working on a grand gesture for Rogelio, Jane plans her own which in Jane the Virgin fashion backfires. We seem to be in a strange place as love is not coming easily to Jane.

Elsewhere, JR and Petra continue to mend and is set with yet another obstacle in the form of what turns out to be Petra's own daughters. Going to the extreme that they point a laser pen at the end of JR in order to scare her away. Inventive and scary commitment to the cause. We discover that this is because they witnessed JR shoot Miloš and are taught in school that guns are wielded by bad people. Another example of Jane the Virgin dealing with strong issues. Petra decides that despite her feelings, they should break up. JR says she'll try harder to connect with the kids and will fight for what they have.

Our 'To Be Continued" moment comes in the form of Luisa appearing with her new friend, planted there by Rose. A plan to get Luisa back in the picture with Rafael's kids is put in place.

Just as a quick side note, they were really pushing the Google product placement in this episode. We received many shots of their Pixel 2 XL and Google Duo was involved in a video call. Only mention this as an addition that seemed a tad heavy-handed.

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