Jane The Virgin: 5.06 Chapter Eighty-Seven

Jane The Virgin: 5.06 Chapter Eighty-Seven

"Strumming your lady guitar" will probably end the season as one of the funnier lines delivered by Rogelio.  It's funny and as always, has an innocent and endearing edge that Jane the Virgin likes to place on things. This is a show about family and in Chapter Eighty-Seven the Villanueva family discover that they've changed a lot since we first were introduced.

That playful nature seen in the previous episode takes another step here. We have masturbation puns from the narrator, Petra grinding on Jane and Alba talking about her fondness of Barack Obama in certain intimate situations. Comedy and tragedy are never far apart, friends so we have our fair share of that too.

Talking about heartbreak, Michael has shaved his beard! Let's spend a moment here to appreciate our fallen friend...and I'm done. Michael and his memories are tested again as we are back on the Sin Rostro case and he finds himself falling into the old cop routine that he states he left behind in part for Jane. All this could easily be slotted into past seasons (sans amnesia) and despite mentions of change, in this instance, Jane remains stuck.

The other side of this triangle is Rafael who seems to be struggling with life after Jane. Via information from the kids that their dad is taking drugs, Jane goes to Petra to send her on a mission to seek details that we later find out is anti-depressants.

We see a porch swing full of upset Villanueva women for reasons we explore throughout the course of the episode. Alba is having troubles keeping her feelings, both emotional and physical regarding Jorge in check. This also dances on the line between comedy and tragedy that we spoke of earlier and showcases a side to Alba that we hadn't seen up until this point. Elsewhere Xo and Rogelio's plan to get their sex life after chemo back on track stutters due to chemo-induced menopause that will help keep cancer at bay. That form of expressing themselves causes "alone time" to be interrupted by each other and further discussion of elements that cancer has taken from Xiomara.

Chapter Eighty-Seven leaves us with Michael discovering why Rose attacked him and then that same discovery being taken away from him and Dennis by those working for Rose. We also see Alba coming clean regarding her feelings for Jorge and the next steps for them to allow Jorge his green card. We've watched Jane the Virgin enough to know that this playful nature can and will change in an instant. But for the last couple of episodes, it seems like they're taking longer than normal to get there.

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