Jane the Virgin: 5.03 Chapter Eighty Four

Jane the Virgin: 5.03 Chapter Eighty Four

As this is the last season, we can expect to say a few goodbyes. These departures will not be easy, nor will they be without tears one would assume. Now with Chapter Eight Four in the books, have we just completed our first goodbye?

During the episode, we get a little time to breathe. A moment to once again recognise Jane the Virgin for highlighting issues like gender parity as well as the ICE and Trump administration's deportation of families. Rogelio askes "why am I so desperate for validation from a country that doesn't seem to value or accept me?" A poignant moment that aims to reach out from your screen.

Throughout five seasons, Jane the Virgin has not been shy about presenting character's in their true form. A form that can inflame, exacerbate or create drama. The narrator states Jane Gloria Villanueva was raised with the sun shining only on her and this, among telenovelas and Catholicism has made her who she is today, that is...super bossy. This tendency brings about one of the more touching segments of the episode wherein Petra and Jane attempt to get Anna, Elsa and Mateo to play nice. During a passive aggressive online chat about articles from reputable paediatricians, they settle on being within a neutral space (a tent) within Petra's penthouse. After telling Rafael that he should spend more time with Petra and that she's feeling left out, Petra states that she's hurt that Jane didn't seek her out to talk about Jane's Jason problem. They both pass over the talking stick and share that even though they never grew up with a sister, they feel like they have one now.

Talking about Jason, he shows up at the doorstep, roses in hand and declares that he wants to make sure that the spark is dead. He proceeds to ask Jane out on a date and ends up throwing in the bargaining chip of singed divorce papers. Taking that bait analogy, they go fishing and during the neutral space conversation with Petra, she confesses that she felt nothing. Here comes another goodbye as Jane decides that Jason's previous offer of leaving and returning to Montana would be better for everyone. A subtle and powerful scene plays out with Jane saying her farewell to the person that she once pledged to spend the rest of her life with, although the belief she had of them being soulmates is no longer one she holds dear.

The fishing rod gift that Jason attempts to give Jane gets caught as he goes to leave, causing debris to fall. It is at this very moment that series of surging images and memories hit Jason. Memories of a previous life, a previous marriage and a less bearded face come flooding back. In true Jane the Virgin fashion, this only brings more questions.

Add in an half the face acting masterclass from River Fields, Rafael and Jason's inner child squabble and you're pretty much caught up on Chapter Eighty Four. Until next time we have to suffer another goodbye.

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