Jane the Virgin: 5.02 Chapter Eighty Three

Jane the Virgin: 5.02 Chapter Eighty Three

Let's talk about narration. The often used tool to allow the smooth transition of storytelling from characters to the audience. This has been executed seamlessly and, less so over the years on various shows that decided to implement it. Jane the Virgin has always taken a different approach to this medium. An approach that's engaging, fresh and altogether entertaining. We learn of the lives of Jane, Alba, Xiomara and others through an almost omnipotent storyteller. On occasion and especially in this episode we have the narrator mould time, show us the true feelings of characters as well as having fun with being the one in the know. It's been said that for the final season we'll discover more details regarding the narrator's identity.

When preparing to write this review, it hit me how busy the episode was with plot points and the sheer pace of the story progression. We're flying through the show so fast that we never notice and that's a testament to the writers and editors of the show to maintains such a speed.

Jorge moves in temporarily to maintain the arrangement that he and Alba have of becoming a US citizen through marriage so he's able to visit his mother without the threat of not being able to return. A potent plot point made more so due to the current climate in American politics. This arrangement fosters continued feelings on the part of Alba and as we glance at a throwback to past seasons where the heart glows to showcase affection or love.

Speaking of on-screen effects, we have them contributing in the form of lists, an animated rooster and the fiery pits of hell. The latter due to Catholic guilt Jane feels over finding out that she is still married and may have to file for divorce. As Jane gets better acquainted with her still husband, she comes to the realization that she's guilty "not because I'm Catholic, it's because I wish he never came back" she says in the episode's most powerful scene.

Continuing the show's character balancing act, Rogelio is on the first day of shooting for "Passions of Steve and Brenda" and this allows for some glorious classic Rogelio reactions and schemes. Working to break up the heavier points as well as keeping us updated with Xo's cancer treatment, these scenes allow some lighthearted fun.

Elsewhere Lusia visits her ex-lover, Rose in prison to help Rafael and the police gather more information on why she attacked Michael and a mysterious sequence of numbers. As the episode comes to a close, the plan we see Rose putting in motion leaves us hanging as to her purpose or intention.

That's not the only question up in the air. Why did Jason pretend to have his divorce papers eaten by the dog after a kiss with Jane went down as well as the picklebacks they had during their line dancing night out?

All this and still only episode two.

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