Jane The Virgin: 5.01 Chapter Eighty Two

Jane The Virgin: 5.01 Chapter Eighty Two

The wait between the previous season finale and the season premiere of the new season can be a long wait. That wait can feel like an eternity when that previous season finale was left on a cliffhanger.

In terms of cliffhangers, there is few that naturally embody this trope as well as Jane the Virgin. As the show has such strong telenovela roots, it's in the very DNA of the show. So ingrained in its nature that even though you're aware a twist will happen, as soon as it hits you're still left spinning.

That brings me to declare that the following review will include spoilers of what is sure to be one wild ride for the opening episode of the final season to Jane the Virgin.

After the recap, we pick up from exactly where we left off in season four. As Jane's, previously dead husband or now what seems to be Jane's very much alive husband standing before her. Instead of a time jump which is common between seasons, having the action continue allows us to forget the dreadful wait and sink back into the world quicker than Jane hits the floor after seeing Michael. Although, it's not Michael. He calls himself Jason and confesses that he has no memory of previous events or even who anyone, including Jane, is. My minimal understanding of telenovela shows allows me the knowledge that amnesia is an ever classic storyline. This recap was as much for me to get my head around the situation as it was for you.

A common element of this episode is having a static camera and allowing Gina Rodriguez to take centre stage. This works to ground an intentionally absurd turn of events in real life emotion.

The return of Michael/Jason has an obvious ripple effect as it brings as many questions as it does unfair expectations. Michael who was a cat loving, Cubano eating, Star Wars fan is now a ma'am calling, Montana living, dog person. A connection is forced due to a previous life, however, this is only one-sided and is portrayed in such a way that you feel the same disillusion as the characters.

Tuning into the first episode we all wanted an answer to the most pressing question, what happened? This is revealed through a flashback of Rose/Sin Rostro in a way too casual description of electroshock therapy.

In a whirlwind episode, Jane the Virgin does what a good opening should and makes you forget about that long wait. It continues the intrigue and introduces a little more in the form of a new plan by Rose and the continuing situation with Michael/Jason. We see those three words that continue to keep me hanging on, "To Be Continued."

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