iZombie: 5.07 Filleted To Rest

iZombie: 5.07 Filleted To Rest

Someone has murdered a top restaurant chef and it’s up to Liz and Clive to find out who in this excellent episode of iZombie. Meanwhile a raid on a secure facility results in several Fillmore Graves sympathisers being defrosted including the treacherous Lieutenant Enzo. Major is left wondering who has betrayed him and Ravi is trying to deal with the aftermath of the Freylich syndrome zombie cure becoming public.

After the last episode concentrated mainly on Blaine and the fallout from Al’s article, this time out the show is pretty much back to the classic iZombie formula. A large chunk of the running time is taken up with a murder investigation where Liz eats the victim's brain and takes on their persona. It was a refreshing change; as I’ve mentioned before, this element of the show has been neglected recently. This is perhaps understandable as we head towards the finale but it was one of the show's main traits and it was always fun watching Liv acting out the peoples personalities. In Filleted To Rest Rose McIver really gets to sink her teeth (pun intended) into the role of an obnoxious chef, acting the diva and demanding her coffee be made in a certain way. Obviously with Liv channelling a top chef the sequence where she cooks up the brain is particularly appetising this time. I’m not sure what they use as a brain substitute but kudos to the special effects team for making look so delicious.

During the course of the investigation we are also reintroduced to Liv’s mother which was meant to be quite a big momen bit felt a bit anticlimactic, as we haven’t seen her or even had her mentioned since season two. She is also still a completely unlikable character but I’m guessing there will be some sort of redemption with her and Liv before the season is out.

There is also some continuation on what the show's makers appear to be setting up as sort of love triangle between Clive, Dale and Michelle. With Dale off resting during her pregnancy, Michelle is brought in to help out at the precinct even though she too is also heavily pregnant. When she is injured during an investigation, it is Clive who is listed as her emergency contact. He shows what a nice guy he is by visiting her in hospital with flowers and sudoku puzzles. The identity of the baby's father is again brought up but Michelle says the odds are that it’s definitely not Clive. He isn’t completely ruled out though and this seems to be a plot thread that the show's producers are happy to keep running for a little while longer.

Major gets to show his more ruthless side this episode during his investigation into the slaughter of several of his troops during the liberation of the frozen zombies. When the traitor is revealed as one of his closest allies he doesn’t hesitate in shooting them straight in the head. I suspect this sort of forthright thinking will be needed considerably during the ultimate battle for Seattle that is inevitably approaching. This is all the more apparent when Liv’s investigation into the murdered chef reveal the culprit was only trying to prevent the outing of his family and himself as zombies. Tensions in the city are ramping up and battle lines will soon be drawn.

Interestingly, after dominating most of the last episode we don’t get to see Blaine or Don E at all this time out, or Al and her uncle, Stacey Boss, for that matter. The cast of iZombie has become so large and diverse that they aren’t really missed, which is a credit to the show.

With half the final season already done it can’t be long before events really begin to get exciting. The final scene of this episode eludes to that in a big way. One of the things that Liv’s mum did reveal was the name of her real father and the information that he was a junkie. Again I’m not sure if this was meant to be a bigger reveal than it felt because I don’t recall Liv’s parentage ever really being an issue that has been brought up before. However the big surprise comes right at the end of Filleted To Rest and what a shock it is!

If for you are reading this before viewing I suggest stopping now because here comes a big spoiler. We get to see New Boss, the creepy anti-human mastermind who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes for a few episodes now. He’s busy thawing out Enzo when there is a knock on his door. Who should it turn out to be but our hero Liv who has come to meet her long lost father! Well that certainly throws a spanner into the works and it’s going to be exciting to see how this all plays out.

iZombie continues to be a fun and exciting show that doesn’t shy away from social issues and the sometimes darker side of human nature.

iZombie (2015–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, Rose McIver | Writers: Diane Ruggiero, Rob Thomas

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