iZombie: 5.05 Death Moves Pretty Fast

iZombie: 5.05 Death Moves Pretty Fast

When Clive falls at a crime scene (he literally slips on a slippery nipple) and is laid up and out of commission, it’s up to Liv and Ravi to fly solo and investigate the death of Harris, a wealthy nineteen year old bitcoin investor. What should be an open and shut case - several witnesses saw the victim's neighbour threaten to kill him - is complicated by one major issue. The neighbour in question is Seattle’s charismatic nightclub owner and all round thorn in Liv’s side, Blaine, who also happens to be the sole supplier of brains to the cities entrenched zombie population. Blaine’s alibi is Al , the reporter who is still writing her article about him, while she’s also following her own, as yet, hidden agenda.

To make matters worse Dolly Darkens and her CHICS have been tainting the brain tube supplies with the brains of alzheimer’s victims leading to a rash of zombies becoming confused and disoriented. When Major becomes afflicted and suffers almost total amnesia, his lieutenant Enzo (he of the dodgy French accent) takes full advantage of the situation and calls upon himself to order riot police and water cannons to deal with the issue. After seeing him turn over the two defrosted Fillmore Graves soldiers to the creepy “new boss” last episode, it has become very apparent that Enzo is certainly someone no longer to be trusted.

A lot of stuff happens in Death Moves Pretty Fast, which on the surface is an average episode but on further reflection reveals a lot of information and clues as to how this final season could play out. Blaine is obviously falling heavily for Al who, for once, is someone who clearly is not falling for his charms and by the end of the episode has opened a giant can of worms for not only Blaine but Peyton, Ravi and virtually every zombie trapped in Seattle. Publishing her expose of Blaine implicates Fillmore Graves and especially Peyton in ignoring Blaine's murderous past to award him the contract to exclusively supply brains.

To heap further problems on our merry band it becomes public knowledge that children with Freylich’s Syndrome are linked to the zombie cure, something that Ravi has been painstakingly trying to keep secret. Will the lives of all these children now be put at risk? Very likely as we see Blaine almost instantly scheming when he learns the news.

Overall this episode is quite a downer as iZombie goes. The eating of the alzheimer brains is quite a hard-hitting storyline and a particularly cruel plan from the Dead Enders. Peyton’s impending meeting in Washington to stave off a potential nuclear strike on Seattle is thrown into chaos with the revelations of Al’s article. Indeed, Al’s confrontation with Peyton about her prior relationship with Blaine shows us Peyton at her most vulnerable. By the end of the episode things seem to be falling apart in Seattle and it looks like things are only going to get worse before the end, especially with word that more frozen soldiers have gone missing from Fillmore Graves. It would seem last episode's new antagonist might just be building himself an army for the battle to come.

It’s not all depressing though, one highlight being Liz and Ravi interrogating a suspect while a highly medicated Clive assists from Skype. His assistance however mainly consists of making “ooh” noises and giggling. It’s a very funny scene and allows Malcolm Goodwin to play against Clive’s straightman persona for once. Vampire Steve also joins in with Liv and Ravi’s plan to trap the killer and is his usual melodramatic self bringing a few laughs.

Disappointingly after eating the victims brain I thought we would get to see Rose McIver take on the part of an obnoxious rich kid teenage DJ but this didn’t really play out. She played the part so subtly that it didn’t really seem like she’d eaten the brain at all. Infact we don;t actually see her devour the brain for once and it was only when she finally had a flashback that I realised she was meant to be channeling the victim. It just seemed a missed opportunity to me. Also a slight letdown was the aftermath of the alzheimer brains plot. Basically after being confused for a bit the victims just shook it off and returned to normal. There seems to me that a lot more drama could be mined from that storyline but I can also see it may be a bit heavy for a show such as iZombie.

So, a lot going on in Seattle this time out. What initially appears a superficial episode looks to have major ramifications in the run up to the big finale.

Incidentally, when Liv is cooking up the victims brain she makes some lovely looking steamed dumplings. Quite often the producers of iZombie manage to make this potentially disgusting part of the show look very appetising, this episode especially so. Delicious!

iZombie (2015–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, Rose McIver | Writers: Diane Ruggiero, Rob Thomas

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