iZombie: 5.03 Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

iZombie: 5.03 Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

After the two parter that opened this final season, we are back on familiar ground with a much more enjoyable episode that sees Liv chowing down on the brain of a murder victim in order to solve the crime. Adding to the fun is the fact that we actually get two murder victims, a professional dance couple who have been poisoned with cyanide. For the first time we see Liv get to eat two separate brains and take on their individual personalities during the course of the show.

It turns out the victims were due to take part in a dance competition which would see the winners getting to leave the quarantined city in order to compete on a national television show. This leaves a suspect pool of all their competitors. Of course Liv needs a dance partner in order to go undercover and as Clive has already been questioning witnesses it leaves only one option, a reluctant Ravi who can’t dance a step.

Rose McIver really gets to shine as a perky dancer and it’s definitely to the shows benefit that they’ve embraced the shows roots again. iZombie is always best when Liv is eating victim brains and solving murders with Ravi and Clive in tow. Special mention must go to Rahul Kohli who once again proves to be one of the shows greatest assets as Ravi. With his many protestations that he’s only going to help as long as he doesn’t have to dance, you just know it isn’t going to be long before he’s forced to bust out some moves and in this the show doesn’t disappoint. This episode throws itself headfirst into the cheesy premise and we get what can only be described as an ’80’s training montage as Clive joins Liv in getting Ravi ready to strut his stuff. Complete with many Dirty Dancing references, this is a whole lot of fun and it is refreshing to see the normally straight laced Clive get to really loosen up and enjoy himself for once.

Other storylines this episode see Clive and Dale attending birth classes to prepare for their impending arrival. Clive is having trouble relaxing in this unfamiliar situation and instead relies on his police training to make copious notes. Matters aren’t helped when his ex Michelle turns up and no one seems completely sure whether Clive is the father of her baby as well. Expect that storyline to run for a few episodes more.

The more serious parts of the episode deal with a school using the pretence of headlice inspections was a cover to secretly check if the kids are zombies. Any found to be undead are segregated from their human schoolmates. A video filmed by a student of some Fillmore Graves soldiers using heavy handed tactics inflames matters and it’s up to Major to step in to protect some orphaned zombie siblings along with Liz in her Renegade persona.

Blaine and Don E are conspicuously absent this episode, as are the various factions competing for control of Seattle. As we head towards the finale I expect to see a few more standalone episodes before everything starts coming together for the inevitable final showdowns.

Five, Six, Seven, Ate! is a return to form for iZombie after a couple of more lacklustre episodes that, perhaps understandably, were lumbered with setting the groundwork for the upcoming story.

iZombie (2015–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, Rose McIver | Writers: Diane Ruggiero, Rob Thomas

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