Iron Fist: 1.10 Black Tiger Steals Heart

This review contains spoilers for Iron Fist's tenth episode. A spoiler-free review of the entire first season will be available soon.

Paradise is never as it seems.

Danny and Colleen wake up in a gorgeous, white-clad room, a small part of the idyllic monastery/campus where Colleen trained under the wise teachings of Bakuto. The smooth-talking sensei demonstrates a knowledge of the Iron Fist even greater than Danny's, which is saying something, considering that Danny trained extensively in K'un Lun for fifteen years. I've said twice now that Bakuto was too good to be true, and sure enough, Madame Gao reveals that he is actually yet another segment of the Hand.

It's a pretty weighty reveal, especially considering that Colleen has known the entire time, and hoped to convert the Iron Fist to... Handism? Bakuto makes a point of telling Danny that he doesn't want him just for his powers, then thirty seconds later, he's asking him to use his powers to train future generations of the Hand. Sure, the logic doesn't follow through, but hey, welcome to Iron Fist.

For a man that spent a decade and a half training to control his emotions, Danny acts like quite the child in Black Tiger Steals Heart, throwing tantrum after tantrum, knocking over computer monitors and punching walls. In one of the most important emotional episodes for the hero to date, Finn Jones simply doesn't sell it. Of course, he still has a lot of turbulence going forward, since he's lost his chi (my guess is that whatever Bakuto stabbed him with drained his powers).

Davos makes his first waves here, jumping in to rescue Danny and fight off enormous waves of baddies. Their next stop will be K'un Lun, where Danny will have to try and regenerate his chi, regaining the powers of the Iron Fist. Maybe, he'll also learn how to be as awesome as the Iron Fist shown in the 1948 video, using both his fists and a costume reminiscent of the source comics to wreck some soldiers.

Of course, no episode of Iron Fist is complete without the Meachums. In this case, Harold and Joy (Ward is mercifully M.I.A.) focus on reclaiming their place in Rand Enterprises. Harold, still cartoonishly unstable following Resurrection No. 2, decides that the best way to get Joy back on the board is by popping a cap in their main detractor, Lawrence Wilkins, and framing it as suicide. With him out of the way, Joy confronts the rest of the board. Put her and Ward back at the helm, she argues, and Rand will return to their former glory. Unconvincing as the speech is, it works, and the Meachums are literally back in business.

Victory achieved, Harold now turns his eye towards his new Hand overseer, Bakuto. In a single episode, all focus has turned from Gao to this new foe. The redirect is a little jarring, but with Gao still alive, Colleen vacillating between the Hand and Danny, and the Iron Fist destined for a trip back to K'un Lun, there's enough conflict to keep Iron Fist's feeble heart pumping for its remaining three hours.

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