Inhumans: 1.06 The Gentleman's Name is Gorgon

Well that was a better episode than the last three. It was still most terrible, but there were a couple of moments I mildly enjoyed and in Inhumans, that is big praise indeed.

So let's start with the positives; the camaraderie between Karnak and Gorgon as they took on Auran and her army of ham-fisted Inhuman soldiers. While the usually decent Ken Leung is struggling with the risible script and direction, I liked his interplay with Gorgon and newfound confidence as he stalked the facility where Sammy and Doctor Declan were being held and took out Auran's people one by one. Gorgon too found his spark and his battle with Auran was satisfying, even if she didn't die horribly and painfully as I hoped.

I think a lot of this had to do with these characters no longer being saddled by unbearably trite storylines; of course the abandonment of gun toting surfer dudes and dull cannabis farmers rendered episode two through five completely pointless - but then has anything made sense since the first episode? But the stronger material was undone by his final conflict with Mordis, a seemingly intriguing villain that never got to do much and died in battle, taking Gorgon with him. The fact the Inhumans just got rid of the only main character I remotely liked (even Black Bolt is now just boring as hell), was another miss-step, making me less interested in watching the final two episodes.

Talking of pointless storylines, we got more jokey plotlines as Crystal and generic love interest got embroiled with the vet who shopped them to the police and shared a kiss while she signalled her family with lightening. Yes, that was as riveting as it sounded and no one on screen looked to be having any fun either. By the end, generic love interest and 'lively' (AKA irritating) Louise were dumped by the royals as they prepared to head back home to Attilan.

The Gentleman's Name is Gorgon also made some half-arsed attempt to bring some depth to  Medusa's character as she questioned her husband's morals as king, 'reminding him' that he once made a promise to be better than their parents. Unfortunately Serinda Swan's performance is as cold as ice, and Medusa walks around with a permanent scowl on her face. There is nothing likeable about this character and an attempt to add some warmth to her character at this late stage was poorly executed.

There could have been some intriguing plotting and scheming going on back in Attilan, but Tibor and Maximus' machinations had all the tension of a flaccid Blancmange. Again, the direction was terrible, characters scheming just feet away from each other and neither seemingly aware of what the other was doing. Maximus attempting to use Bronaja to discover what Tibor was up to and then murdering the betrayer in front of his enemies should have been riveting, but the script and performances had no energy and even Iwan Rheon struggled to rise above this storyline.

Still, it will all be over in a couple of weeks and then we'll never have to watch Inhumans are still watching it with me, aren't you?

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