Inhumans: 1.05 Something Inhuman This Way Comes

"That was a dumb thing to say" said Crystal's generic love interest at one point in this episode and I'm starting to think Inhumans would be a whole lot better if every character ended what they were saying with that line. Turning this into a superhero sitcom might salvage the utter mess this show has become.

The sad reality of Inhumans is that it get worse with every passing episode. These characters have spent four episodes just wandering around Hawaii, engaged in some truly pointless sub plots. Gorgon literally spent the episode wandering through the jungle, talking to himself because he had no one else to talk to. Crystal and her generic love interest meanwhile took Lockjaw for a spin, flitting around the island in search of the others before having a frolic in the sea literally engaging in the SAME EXACT STORYLINE as Karnak last episode.

And talking of Karnak, I continued to be befuddled by what the writers were thinking when they came up with his storyline. This episode he had sex with Jen, was chased around the jungle by the her drug partner in crime Reno, who seemed to have inexplicably killed his mate because he was jealous of Karnak and Jen's relationship? I don't know. Anyway, she got shot by Reno, some other bad guys killed Reno, hunted down and tied up Karnak and Jen and were then taken out by the surprise (in sarcastic tone) arrival of Gorgon. And then what did Jen do after all that turmoil? She told Karnak is was just casual and buggered off.

Added to one of the most pointless storylines we have had in recent TV history, Black Bolt and Medusa reconnected (despite there being zero chemistry between Anson Mount and Serinda Swan). There was a glimmer of hope when poor put-upon Lousie was appalled that Medusa accepted part of the establishment on Attilan that her parents died fighting to change. The fact is that Medusa remains a thoroughly unlikeable character; free the slaves? Her response that that there was an established society on the Inhuman city was pathetic and cruel.

Unfortunately the hero of the show - Iwan Rheon's Maximus - is now becoming rather boring and unlikeable too. The show would work better if they acknowledged that he was doing the right thing; but even presented as the villain of the piece, there isn't enough depth to make him despicable either. Sonya Balmores' Auran continues to relish her villainy though, capturing Dr. Evan Declan and Sammy and taking the fight to the royals, but Balmores remains such a terrible actress that I find it hard to take her seriously.

I really wish I could say something good about Inhumans but there is nothing redeemable at this point. The last three episodes are going to be a chore to get through.

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