Inhumans: 1.04 Make Way for... Medusa

This week, the villains continue to adjust to their new surroundings, seeking new allies while the hero who sought to free the human slaves on Attilan sought to cement his powerbase. At least that is how I choose to see this show now. Four episodes in and I continued to be baffled by what we are supposed to feel for these characters. If the third episode was terrible, this fourth instalment was frankly...worse.

I wouldn't mind if the show attempted to expose the negative flaws of these lead characters; every protagonist doesn't need to be sweet and loveable. Unfortunately, Inhumans just isn't that clever and instead leaves its 'heroes' with little to no redeeming features. Black Bolt is the most 'likeable' but that may be more to do with the fact that Anson Mount doesn't have to deliver the turd of a script the rest of the cast spout each week. And by turd, I mean the dialogue is some of the most badly-written drivel on TV currently.

Take 'zany' scientist Louise, who has been in every episode but yet remained utterly forgettable until now. Not only did Louise spend the episode in an abusive relationship with Medusa, but actress Ellen Woglom got to deliver the utterly dialogue when Medusa looked at the moon and she immediately jumped to ridiculous, contrived conclusion that this horrible woman lived there. There was no subtlety here this week. Kudos though to Woglom for delivering that line with a straight face.

And talking of Medusa, after breaking into a house and stealing clothes and cash last week, she spent this episode holding Louise at gunpoint, stealing her laptop, and displaying all the worst qualities you would expect in someone who is queen in a society that rules over human slaves. She is so utterly entitled and yet Inhumans would have us feel sorry for because she has been forced off the throne. When she eventually reunited with Black Bolt at the end, I assume you were supposed to feel happy. But that lack of emotional connection made the whole reunion fall flat.

Everything else that happened was so contrived or plan dull; I visibly groaned at several occasions. I have no idea what is happening with Karnak - hooking up with a sexy woman in an illegal cannabis farm seems like the most obvious plot direction after his escape from Attilan. Nothing about this storyline was interesting; the music when they kissed in the sea felt like something out of a bad, low-budget soap opera. And the end scene with one of the farmers killing the other was frankly bizarre. Gorgon meanwhile wandered the jungle aimless with his machine gun-toting surfer dudes before deciding that he needed to GO BACK TO WHERE HE STARTED! And I was spot on about the hints of romance between self-entitled Crystal and the bland male character as they looked after the comatose Lockjaw in a farm somewhere.

Even Black Bolt's storyline seems to have come to a grounding halt. For 'reasons' he allowed himself to be tested by Dr. Evan Declan (Henry Ian Cusick deserving a far better role than this). The reveal that he worked for Maximus illicited a slightly 'Oooo!' reaction, but that was as far as the big twists and turns went this week. Even Iwan Rheon seems to be floundering as the writers realised he was the villain and not the hero of the story and had him execute the genetic council all because they wouldn't let him attempt terrigenesis again and he had a tantrum. I guess he's learned from the best.

I've decided the only way I can really keep going with the series (because I foolishly thought I would review it) is to spend each episode taking the piss and pointing out huge plot holes. But it's okay...because there can't be that many people left still watching this durge of a show and I'll be here to tell you what happened so you don't have to bother...

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