I Kissed a Girl


Girl power abounds this week on Glee. Following Santana's rash reaction to her outing as a lesbian in the form of her hand connecting with Finn's face, Finn helps McKinley High's resident bitch avoid suspension by posing something of an intervention in the form of a very special Glee club lesson: Lady Music Week. By focusing on songs written and performed by the laydeez, Finn hopes the club can help Santana confront and deal with her sexuality; and of course, in keeping with the theme, the other ladies of Glee are inspired to make some interesting choices of their own. Let's hope they can deal with the consequences, eh?


Props once again to Naya Rivera, who does an outstanding job as Santana. From passing off her violent tendencies on alter ego 'Snix' to finally following Finn's advice and 'embracing [her] own awesome', Rivera makes Santana's awkward and confusing transition from the closet to self-acceptance believable and human even if she's never been the most sympathetic character. An all-girl rendition of Katy Perry's 'I Kissed a Girl' is hardly the most subtle turning point but Santana's relief at revealing her secret is earned, and the perfect dramatic counterpoint to a later scene that witnesses our girl taking the plunge and making the admission to her grandmother, who is harsh and instantly disapproving. For a series that has always flaunted the gay flag high, this well-played and truthful domestic scene is a nice reminder that this show is best at recognising the real struggles of the outsider. Finn's nice guy act is genuine as he strives to show there's a family for Santana whatever her family think, which he reinforces with a slightly cheesy but cleverly slowed-down deconstruction of Cyndi Lauper's biggest hit, allowing Santana to open up with her own 'strength' song which - surprise surprise - is a k.d. lang number. Eye roll.


Santana's not the only gal struggling to stay strong this week, though. Everyone's too busy focusing on one cheerleader to notice that ex-cheerleader Quinn's baby envy and loneliness are causing her to go a wee bit nuts; that is, until former beau Puck is given the post-coital brush-off by his current infatuation Shelby and confides all in the blonde that got away. Meanwhile, Sue's behind in the polls so naturally steals Bieste's new love interest, football recruiter Cooter, right from under the coach's chicken-sniffing nose in order to boost her own fledgling reputation - unsuccessfully, I might add, as Hummel's got it in the bag. Speaking of, Brittany takes her crown as senior-class president after 'honorary girl' Kurt loses out and faces up to a future that may not include a place for him at NYADA alongside Rachel.

But then, will Rachel be going? Although Brit and her free candy sticks were a sure cert for presidency all along, Rachel attempts to fix the vote by stuffing the ballot box with votes for her 'best gay'. As always where Berry is concerned, good intentions and self-interest are intertwined, as her fear of going to New York alone almost gets her best friend suspended and fudges his shot at presidency once and for all. However, there's hope for the girl yet as she bites the bullet by admitting her indiscretions to Principal Figgins, thereby potentially threatening her own good standing at NYADA and taking her out of the running at next week's Sectionals. Dun-dun-DUNNN! Consequences, see? Although, I can't be the only one a little excited at the prospect of an increasingly marginalised supporting cast getting a chance to shine, now that New Directions' big gun won't be firing in next week's annual Sectionals ep. Maybe that Irish kid will even get a line?

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