Hooten & The Lady: 1.08 The Caribbean

The finale is upon us, and there are pirates in the Caribbean! Pirates, and pirate treasure which is what Hooten is after; what Lady Alex is after is a different question. Her wedding is in two days. Lady Alex is her own woman, forever gallivanting around the world in search of thrills and adventure. And Hooten tends to attract adventure, and thereby Lady Alex's attention, much to the disgust of her mother. She'd like her settled with sensible Edward.

The episode mostly serves to contrast Hooten and Alex's contrasting approaches: Haphazard, dangerous and ill-prepared versus organised, above-board and well-resreached. Needless to say, Hooten's approach serves him poorly, but he does get there. Alex's approach does serve her well, but without Hooten to mix things up, she's bored of it. They need each other, one to temper the other. But even so, they still need rescuing.
The actual adventure part of this episode was thin, but that was never the point of it. It was always about the wedding, about Hooten, Alex and Edward. A storyline, long-trailed, which ends pleasantly if not controversially, brought about by a little pep talk from Hooten. It's not a bad episode and not a bad conclusion; perhaps it would have been too cliched to have Edward as a double-crossing villain. And any romance with Hooten has been explicitly blocked. But it just felt that, for a finale, it needed a bit more oomph, a little more from the conclusion than happily wedded bliss, albeit with more subsequent adventures.

Overall, Hooten & The Lady was a successful show, despite some shaky episodes, a heavy reliance on pre-existing material, and putting talent like Jessica Hynes and Jane Seymour on the backburner. But it has been fun, which is the key. An elegant simplicity born of not overcomplicating that which really doesn't need it. Time will tell whether Sky was sufficiently pleased with the audience numbers, there's no announcement yet on whether HATL has been cancelled or renewed.

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