Homeland 6.08:alt.truth

This season of Homeland has had its finger on the pulse of today's political world like no other season before it. Other season's have dealt with terrorism and political corruption but not a change of president and its ramifications. Tonight's episode entitled alt.truth, a go to word spread across the real world media, delves deeper into the world of .

We haven't seen a lot of interaction between Carrie and Saul over his season compared to others but here we find Saul visiting a distraught Carrie and trying to calm her down and see the situation with clearer eyes. Saul takes Carrie to the foster house that Frannie is staying at and they can see that she is happy and healthy. The scene plays out across the street in their car and Carrie wants to get out and see Frannie. Saul scolds Carrie as he talks to her about a meeting between Javadi and President-elect Keane. Saul's line to Carrie I need you to listen Carrie, are you listening? is particularly biting.

Quinn is safely hidden away, or so we think, with Astrid but Quinn is becoming more and more paranoid of people and situations as the season progresses. Quinn finds Astrid's gun and empty's the bullets from it. This will come back to bite him at episodes end. At the supermarket his paranoia increases when he thinks he sees Astrid talking to a neighbour of Carrie's. Here we see a further change in character for Quinn, as he confronts Astrid about the alleged conversation, and he attacks Astrid with a punch to the stomach. Throughout the season the viewer can have a sympathetic eye towards Quinn as we know what he has been through and why but this action is a step too far. Quinn leaves to confront the neighbour.

At the meeting between Javadi and Keane, Saul is adamant about Javadis intentions, but in a shocking turn of events Javadi declares to Keane that yes there is a payment to North Korea and that there is reason to believe Iran is contravening the nuclear agreement. The shock on both Carrie and Saul's faces as they are sidelined by his actions, is heart breaking, as they expected him to say the complete opposite. After Keane is angered and leaves, Javadi confronts Saul and says he has aligned himself with Dar Adal as he believes Dar has more political strength.

At episodes end, we see Quinn return to apologise to Astrid for his violence earlier but as they are talking Quinn is grazed by a bullet from outside, as we see it is in fact fired by Carrie's neighbour. Astrid leaves to get the (empty, unbeknownst to her) gun with Quinn heartbreakingly shouting to her that it is empty, but having difficulty getting his words out. Astrid is despatched with cold calculation. How this will affect Quinn in the later episodes will be interesting to see. Quinn is injured by further bullets but not fatally, as he is knocked into the lake. After firing further bullets into the water, the neighbour leaves as Quinn exits the water ala Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

Another interesting episode this week, with the plot twisting and turning as always. The episode is competently directed by executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter, her third of this season, and tightly written by Patrick Harbinson. Looking ahead, storylines are closing in and we are looking towards what will happen at seasons end.

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