Homeland 6.06: The Return

After the explosive events of last week's episode, this week's episode of Homeland is no less explosive but does give you a chance to take a breath at least.

We find Carrie frantically showing Conlin the photo's that Quinn took of the spotter across the road. Here we see Carrie at her most frantic, almost a Carrie from a previous Bi-Polar series. It takes Carrie time to convince Conlin but he takes them to Saad, who advises him that this person is no way connected to the recent events with Sekou and the attack in New York. Conlin continues his search going as far as to investigate the origins of the van and infiltrating the company it is owned by. Investigating further he finds they are employing former federal agents. At this point Conlin is on the point of falling down the rabbit hole but is pulled back from the edge after he is found out and escorted off the premises.

The dynamic between Carrie and Quinn is further forced apart this week as Carrie visits Quinn at the Psychiatric ward he was placed in last week. Here we find Quinn, ranting and raving, accusing Carrie of being part of the conspiracy and blaming Carrie explicitly for the predicament he is in right now. Whereas the opening few episodes of this series saw Carrie and Quinn get closer, even physical, the valley between them now is getting bigger and bigger as the season progresses. Carrie is in the fight of her life, not just for the safety of her family but for her friend as well.

Our man Saul, suspicious of the events that happened in Abu Dhabi, gets stonewalled at the CIA when he finds out that there is a no surveillance order on Tovah Rivlin. As Saul always does, he digs even further, and finds his contact at the SVR to find out Tovahs whereabouts. The contact, Viktor, comes back with a photo of Tovah meeting with Dar.

Here is where the episode decidedly ramps up. Carrie visits Conlins house and finds no answer when knocking the door. Going around the back she finds the door ajar and enters. Here she finds Conlin upstairs dead of a gunshot wound. Gun in hand, Carrie notices the spotter from across the road from Quinn is in the house and Carrie tries, and does, escape. The scenes play out akin to a tight spy thriller, tense and effective, especially like the Bourne series. The episode, and these scenes are well directed by series producer Alex Graves.

Elsewhere, Keane makes plans and ultimately succeeds in getting out of the safe house as current President Morse makes further machinations for harder terrorism control and additions to the Patriot Act, which Keane advises she is against. Rounding out the episode, we see Quinn at the Mental Health unit and he is awoken and transported into a mini van where a waiting Astrid pounces.

The chess pieces are coming together slowly after larger moves in the last few weeks, interesting actions are being taken by our characters and each episode moves the pieces closer to the upcoming endgame.

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