Homeland: 6.05 Casus Belli

Just like a bottle of pop that has been shaken, left to settle and shaken a bit more, events in tonight's episode of Homeland explode forth with an explosive force and nobody close to our characters, and the characters themselves, don't get away unscathed.

The episode, entitled Casus Belli starts with a radio host, effectively conveying a Trump like rhetoric, of keeping out anybody seen to be against the American way of life. It's an interesting way to open an episode, with a character we haven't seen before and one with such a strongly worded agenda. It's a theme that continues throughout the episode of characters stamping their authority on the world at large.

After last week's episode showing Quinn and Frannie bonding, it continues in this episode. It's a lovely back and forth between Rupert Friend and an actress of such a tender age. Although it's good to see, you know it can only end in pain and this episode doesn't let up in any way.

With the revelation that Sekou was released and ended up being the bomber in the New York explosion, the world's media have converged on Carrie's brownstone and here is where Quinn and his mental state erupt into violence and misjudged actions. While waiting for a nanny, Quinn is left alone with Frannie, with Carrie's blessing. The media swoop in and try to get answers from Quinn, the result being a female reporter manhandled down the steps and a shot fired.


Things escalate quickly and the police and guards are called for. At this point Carrie has gotten wind of what is happening (and the Nanny has arrived and turned from Nanny to hostage). Trying to enter her apartment, Carrie cries out that Quinn is suffering from PTSD and is trained to attack and it won't end well. Like Saul's scenes last week, the scenes play out like the scenes in Zero Dark Thirty when the soldier's are infiltrating Bin Laden's compound. In tense scenes of sustained silence and brutal sharp violence, Quinn is eventually led away ranting and raving, just what the media set him out to be.

Elsewhere, Dar Adal is still slithering and creeping around like the snake that he is. After his words last week about Saul's findings, he has managed to apologie and to effectively sideline President - Elect Keane in a matter of scenes. This is both a credit to F. Murray Abraham who plays Dar, and to the scriptwriters for putting together a tight and focused script. A withering "but if you need me?" from Dar to Keane, still shows that Dar isn't completely in control though.


We finish tonight's episode with Carrie in the ruins of her basement surrounded by the shattered glass of windows and the screaming silence of the empty street outside. Earlier in the episode, Quinn had said to Carrie that he had photographic proof of the spotter across the street which Carrie initially discounted as Quinn not having taken his medication. Here, alone in the basement she picks up the phone and see's that yes Quinn is unwell, but not delusional...

Another fantastic hour of television from a series that has its finger on the pulse and may it continue this rich vain of writing and direction.

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