Homeland: 6.04 A Flash Of Light

Last week's episode of Homeland was a rather sedate affair compared to this week's episode entitled A Flash Of Light . Directed by veteran TV director Lesli Linka Glatter, this week's episode drives the story forward, surprisingly early in the season.

Beginning like a scene out of Zero Dark Thirty , we find Saul still in the West Bank after meeting up with his estranged sister. He arranges a secret meeting with IRGC General Majid Javadi (Shaun Toub) but after Javidi hears about a senior Iranian General entering the West Bank, he decides to hold Saul for further questioning.

It's always a surprise when someone as senior as Saul goes into the field and gets captured. It happened a few seasons ago when Carrie used him as a pawn and it happens here. Surely his superiors shouldn't send him into the field and send someone else a little more expendable? If only Quinn was back to his normal self, he would be the perfect candidate.


On the subject of Quinn, he is in full Rear Window paranoia mode as he scopes out his spotter across the road from his brownstone in New York. Having the opportunity to investigate his spotters apartment while he is out, his paranoia spirals as he spots certain clues and nearly gets caught for his crimes. Has Quinn been found out, or is there something deeper at play?

Sekou is surprisingly released from prison and is as shocked as the viewer that things have moved as quick as they have. After a welcome home party that is filled with tension, after Sekou is covertly accused of being an informant, Sekou makes a wrong step by posting a video but then removing the inflammatory video accusing Saad Masoud as the true informant. His actions will come back to haunt him at episodes end.


Dar Adal is up to his old tricks of getting in people's faces and stirring the pot. Meeting Carrie outside of Frannie's school he further muddies the water by trying to get his, and everybody else's story straight before he is chewed out by Keane for planting stories. F. Murray Abraham who plays Dar Adal, is a consummate actor and gets his teeth into the role as always and is an irritating joy to watch each week as you can see the wheels of motion move behind his grizzled face.

You don't get much in the way of comedy in Homeland but there is a rather funny and cute exchange between Frannie and Quinn this week. Quinn confronts Carrie after his visit and subsequent mission to get more info on his spotter. Quinn exits the basement and Frannie asks Quinn if he "has had his afternoon snack, as its snack time!". Its a short exchange but shows a little bit of their relationship, which we see little of.

As the episode ends Sekou is back in to the normality of civilian life, as a delivery driver and all seems right in the world for him. Driving into Manhatten over a bridge, Sekou hears a ticking in the back of his van, he looks back and a huge explosion rips through his van in the centre of the busiest city in the world. Saul is called back to the US with the words "there's been an attack in New York". This just got very real, very quickly. Is it time for next week's episode yet?

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