Homeland: 6.03 The Covenant

If nothing else Homeland as a show is the master of the slow-burn political thriller. Plots move at times like walking through treacle but just like a bomb that's slowly reaching zero hour, you know something, plot or character, are close to exploding. Harsh, strict words are spoken by the leaders of the strongest countries in the world and every syllable and inflection means something. Some people find the intricate, slow moving plots cumbersome and inert, in his age of instant gratification but if you hold on tight, Homeland always delivers, as does this weeks episode entitled The Covenant , directed by Executive Producer Lesli Linker Glatter.

This third episode brings together the web of secret, lies and intrigue within one well written exchange between Dar Adal and President-Elect Keane. Keane is informed of Saul's activies over in Abu Dhabi and his "conclusive" evidence that the Iranian player, Farhad Nafisi, has been purchasing North Korean nuclear components, going against the treaty between the United States and the USA. The word being "conclusive" in the show, and "fake news" in the real world, with Carrie wanting to tread lightly rather than use such strong words.


This seasons Carrie is a lot more 'think before action, think before talking'. Previous season would see her character jump at the first sign of trouble and pick up the pieces and outcomes later. Here Carrie advises Keane to speak to the President first and compare intel. Unbeknownst to the two parties, as they settle down for a meal, Dar Adal is covertly listening in. Is he just paranoid or is there a masterplan at work here? Probably the latter.

Elsewhere, as mentioned above, our man Saul is over in Abu Dhabi on a covert mission to gather evidence to 'conclusively' prove the Iranian and North Korean connection. Something simply as a discarded packet of cigarettes can set all of Sauls synapses to fire up. Maybe Nafisi's exit from the interrogation wasn't as quickly as he made out?


In this day and age, and played out across the screen here, trust is a major factor and issue within the intelligence community. After Carrie's actions last week, this ripple has caused her business partner, Reda, and client, Sekou, untold problems and issues. After infiltrating Sahd, - an FBI undercover agent - and him reporting her, this removes the plea deal Sekou had in place. This now means he could serve at least 15 years in a high-security prison after committing no crime whatsoever. An unimaginable position for someone so young as Sekou to be in.

Quinn is currently riding the rollercoaster of medication comedown. His troubled mind making him travel back to his ordeal in Berlin. Now that he has the drive to leave Carrie's basement his mind turns to suspicion and paranoia, believing someone are scoping out his place of refuge. Visiting a drug dealer who robbed him previously, under the guise of a deal, Quinn brutally attacks him and steals his gun. The problem being that this particular drug dealer knows where Quinn and in turn Carrie and Franny live....

Another great episode, although a slower paced episode this week, with competent direction and writing as is customary for the show. The pieces are ever slowly being put into place for ramifications to hit home and hit home hard. How these ramifications come to a head is beyond our gaze at this point but they will soon be front and centre. Watch this space.

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