Heroes Reborn: Under The Mask

The title of the episode could perhaps hearken back to Under the Hood, the book-within-the-book and mise-en-abyme of Watchmen. Sadly the reference to comics and comic book movies of the past does go beyond the title. Instead, the potpourri of powers increases and continues to spiral around piecemeal, trying to find its centre.

One couple still actively trying to find their way are the Collins', vengeful vigilantes, continuing to hunting down Evo's for reasons that even the characters can't voice. They now have Noah's little black book of Evo's who apparently haven't moved on in the year since they became persona non-grata. Luke Collins though is conflicted; not only is their crusade increasingly bloodthirsty and pointless but at one point he may yet find himself on his wife's hitlist.

In Tokyo, Miko emerges from the digital world into Renaults' headquarters; it would appear the digital realm of EverNow isn't just a game or metaphor, but an actual dimensional overlay of some kind. A brilliant concept I hope, perhaps forlornly, that they explore a little further. Having had what turns out to be Hiro Nakamura's sword taken from her by Harris, Renautas' pet homunculus, it's time for her to also head to America, to hunt down the misguided, malignant Erica Kravid, CEO of Renautas.

Renautas, after plugging Molly Walker back into the system, wants to 'digitise' her ability to find people, creating a system called E.P.I.C. which is of course utterly unlike Cerebro from X-Men. Apparently this product will save mankind, and presumably Renautas' profit margins as they digitise the abilities of more EVOs. Next on their hitlist though is Malina, our mysterious Arctic hero, who still seems to be fighting off what looks like gaseous Galactus from Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Heroes Reborn continues to tease us with plot; clues and answers are delivered piecemeal as the characters gravitate on Colorado and the Arctic to forestall the threat of... something. And that may be part of the problem, we know there is some kind of great threat to the world, but can we be invested in our heroes saving us from it if we don't know what it is?

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