Heroes Reborn: The Lion's Den

Whatever you think of Heroes Reborn, by now it’s very much settled into its pace, its structure is well established. A very literal episode title, which we’ll get back to in a minute, then a whistlestop tour of the adventures and misadventures of all the characters in small slices, whilst alluding to The Threat, and how awful it is. Well, hold on to your hats, The Threat is actually described to us in this episode! Not straight away though, first we have a whole bunch of characters in… ‘The Lion’s Den’. By which I mean they’re running around Renautus’ headquarters, trying to find answers or swords, but not each other.

In many ways this episode could also have been called ‘Turncoats’. The detective that's been hunting Evo's in LA, the bane of the Vendors, turns out to be an Evo himself. So, clearly El Vengador has to save him, using his new powered bat-armour.
Erica’s daughter sides with Noah Bennet, betraying her mother.
And as well as the homunculus, Renautus has a young shadow manipulator that can seemingly negate Malina’s broad-ranging powers.
But the biggest turncoat, and perhaps the currently most interesting storyline, is Luke Collins. A former evo-hunting vigilante after his son died in Odessa the previous year, now a newly minted Evo himself. Now he's trying to make sense of it all, his powers, his sons death, and what it all means for his new life; alone. It’s a shame that he’s so far an also-ran, plot-wise, his could be the most emotional arc.

However, that honour is reserved for the two younglings, it is their destiny. Malina and Tommy, both of unknown heritage, both tasked with saving the world, and both most likely related to each other and/or a member of the cast of the previous seasons of Heroes.

So, as ever the heroes circle around each other, like water draining from the sink. But at least, at last, there seems to be some kind of purpose. Stop the evil sociopath from saving the world.

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