Heroes Reborn: Odessa

Where to begin? No, not just Tim Kring's dilemma in the extension of his famed franchise, but also Noah Bennett's quandary when looking into the past. And where better than Odessa, the site of the tragedy that cost Evo's their shaky standing in society, but also cost old HRG his child. Just as the two vigilante hero-hunters have lost theirs. And so, entangled as their destinies are, they end up in the same place; the scene of the crime, and Noah’s old employer. It seems Tommy sent the Collins’ there; apparently he’s never really experimented with his power and erroneously thought that things and people just vanish when he uses his power.

The old facility, still in partial use by high-tech company Renautas to monetise superpowers, is rife with secrets, albeit more questions than answers. The biggest question: Where is Molly Walker? Originally portrayed the young Adair Tishler in Heroes, the character is now an adult portrayed by Francesca Eastwood. Apparently her clairvoyance, her ability to find anybody just by thinking of them, is crucial to Renautas’ plans, and crucial to Noah. Molly though, has absconded, pursued by gambling Evo’s and Renautas’ goons.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Miko ‘Katana Girl’ Otomo is joined by Ren ‘Exposition’ Shimosawa in the gameworld of EverNow, a clear reference to vintage MMORPG Everquest.
While they continue their quest to rescue Miko’s father from within the digital analogue of the ‘real’ world, let’s look at this reference, because it’s indicative. EverQuest was last relevant when Heroes was, namely about a decade ago. Similarly, quite a few pop culture references throughout the show are as if it was written back during Tim Kring’s heyday. Or perhaps he’s been encased in carbonite for the last years and doesn’t know that his target audience have moved on and his new audience have new reference points?

It’s still early days for the UK showing of the show, there might be an element of turnabout; but it appears so far that this is a show out of time.

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