Great British Bake Off - Live Blog: 7.10

I don't want to blow this out of proportion but OH MY GOD THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE WILL EVER SEE GBBO LIKE THIS AGAIN.

The last time Mel and Sue will say "Bake" in a ridiculous voice. The last time Mary will smile encouragingly at someone who is outlining a bake that sounds so disgusting Pac Man would stop in his tracks. The last time Paul's smug evil won't be tempered by three of the most caring and wonderful women British TV has ever known and no of course I'm not crying, you're crying...

But seriously, the final. This is a bit of a momentous TV occasion. And we have to choose between three perfectly lovely but basically bland people to share it with.

My money is on Candice to win, but I'd be equally happy with Jane. And then at the end we can all shed a small tear for the show we once knew and loved, before C4 decided to destroy it.

But again. Not blowing this out of proportion at all.

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