Great British Bake Off - Live Blog: 7.08

As we hurtle towards the end of the series, I'm finding it harder and harder to get excited each Wednesday night. I'm finding it harder and harder to get excited about bake off. All the ingredients are still there – charming presenters, obscure things for kind randos to make in a ridiculously small amount of time – but we know that it's only a matter of time until those elements are destroyed and we end up with Vernon Kaye presenting alongside Keith Lemon, shoving microphones in the faces of weeping teenagers talking about how they want to be baking their own angel slices rather than stacking Mr. Kipling's.

Still, we have a novelty week this week - Tudor week! One of the many ways the producers have been trying to get us to stay excited and engaged and keep everything fresh and exciting. Considering in the Danish version of GBBO they had a "masculinity" themed week and someone literally baked a stripper arse cake, I think we're doing okay.

My GBBO snacks are posh chocolate and a big mug of tea, because I'm not going to bake a hand raised pie or get typhoid just to stay on theme. Let's go!

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