Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight: Penguin, Our Hero

Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight: Penguin, Our Hero

Gotham's final season is shaping up to be its finest, and with many characters starting to show their true potential, it might be just that.

Penguin, Our Hero seemed to focus on the ongoing Gordon Vs Penguin feud and given the city's current situation, both have their own motives for a 'better' Gotham. 'Better' being subjective of course; it is clear and obvious now that Penguin is very much the Devil to Gordon's Angel but having opposing agendas is  likely to fuel the fire that is this ongoing conflict.

I must applaud Robin Lord Taylor on his performance of Oswald Cobblepot, the character is brilliant in this episode, keeping up the power-hungry brat approach - he is possibly the most consistently performed role in the entire series. He truly is putting his own stamp on the Penguin character.

Fans of the comic series may have noticed 'The Mutants' when Bruce and the rejuvenated Selina enter the 'Dark Zone' in their hunt for Jeremiah. Being one of Batman's frequent foes, it was a wonderful addition to the episode and I thought it a clever move having them taunt a fierce Selina, newly equipped with fingertip blades, so we could see the start of a ruthless Catwoman. As I previously mentioned, this season seems to be wrapping up characters' true potential and again in this episode, we see Bruce step closer to his. Whilst Selina took on just one of the Mutants, Bruce expertly took out five or six, staying true to his 'no killing' rule.

I am loving the constant shift of power in the city; to an extent, it feels realistic. By that I mean the free-for-all status Gotham finds itself in is believable and unpredictable. Law and order is with whoever holds the power, and with word spreading of no government support, the GCPD's authority becomes less influential every day.

Gotham and particularly this episode, is certainly getting its use of DC characters and Ecco, a passionate Jeremiah follower was one very exciting appearance. Showing all the right characteristics of a young Harley Quinn, I was so grateful when she used the infamous catchphrase "Puddin'"- all but confirmation it is the notorious Quinn. If you've seen the movie 13, you'll appreciate that Russian roulette scene even more so; I was actually disappointed not to see Selina partake a little further.

With the explosive ending and Gordon's resources already hanging on by a thread I am intrigued as to who comes to their rescue now in a increasingly difficult survival mission.

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