Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight: 5.11 They Did What?

Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight: 5.11 They Did What?

What a fun-filled, action-packed penultimate episode we have been privileged with; Gotham crams a lot in but for the most part and They Did What? was certainly good on the eye.

It was practically a given that the story had to start wrapping up now. We got to see the best of Gotham's Bane here; his brute strength as he cracked necks and took on an agile Bruce and Selina. Bane's feud with Bruce Wayne never really satisfies; he is obviously under Nyssa Al Ghul's instruction but in other versions of the character, he has an insightful background to fuel his ambition for the Dark Knight's demise. That said, Bruce is clearly out to avenge Alfred after he took the classic 'back-break' away from Bruce. Even then, David Mazouz's performance wasn't so believable this time around.

As we saw in the first clip of the season, Jim and Harvey are defending the GCPD on a barricade and we see that come to fruition here. I have said it before, but many of Gotham's shoot-out scenes are laughable. I mean, both armies, spraying bullets and no one is hit? GCPD's finest or blindest? Gotham builds up these tense moments and when the action comes, it disappoints with a lacklustre display.

Penguin and Nygma were brilliant - yet again. Gotham means something to everyone, even its villains, so seeing them join the fight was rewarding. The Oswald-Ed relationship is consistently intriguing and is almost the perfect reflection of a love-hate relationship - as shown adequately portrayed in their 'knife in the back' hug. Two characters that have been with us from the very beginning are hitting their peak performances in Gotham's final season; despite their evil ways, I actually hope they get a happy ending.

Whilst at times it is hard to keep track of who's after who, all the character stories are interchanging nicely and contributing towards what feels like a big finale. Whilst there is the final episode to come, the climatic moment of They Did What? lost its way. Even with Bane, it was an underwhelming showdown between the show's elite. The final episode has some work to do to ensure this show goes out with a bang.

Through its entirety, Gotham has excelled at giving us plenty of content and plenty of characters - some more discreetly than others. Most notably here was Barbara Lee Gordon, AKA Batgirl. We aren't going to see the future of this character in this universe but it sure was an exciting addition to an otherwise jam-packed catalogue of DC's characters.

Jim Gordon, or rather Commissioner Jim Gordon, finally caught his break! It only took five seasons but it was great for the character to get the recognition giving all he has been through. A fitting end for the character and the show but of course, we have one big finale to go in Gotham's 100th and final episode.

Gotham (2014–2019)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Ben McKenzie, David Mazouz, Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee | Writer: Bruno Heller

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