Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight 5.06 13 Stitches

Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight 5.06 13 Stitches

As we reach the half way point of Gotham's final season, 13 Stitches jumps right back into the action that we see at end of episode five Pena Dura. A mind-controlled Nygma is in pursuit of a fleeing Jim Gordon in a brilliantly filmed chase scene - it was so very nearly done all in one shot.

Once again Gotham threw in some humour; only, this one couldn't have been intended. The shootout between Jim and Barbara against Eduardo and his men was laughable, it was like watching Stormtroopers in action. Scenes like this make me question how seriously I'm supposed to take this show.

The return of Lee Thompkins was an unexpected one - having become accustomed to her absence, I was actually a little disappointed to see her return. Whilst it was a clever ploy to use her as bait, her influence over Jim's heartstrings makes the show all the more predictable. Hopefully there is more to her return than just the emotional cup-and-ball with poor Jim.

Putting Penguin and Selina together in some kind of B-story felt pretty needless, and unless their partnership is to form any kind of relevance for the remainder of the series, it did not need to be in 13 Stitches. Penguin has been magnificent this season and is bound to be fundamental in whatever is yet to happen in No Man's Land.

For all the critique, 13 Stitches does actually deliver a lot of content and it continues to converge the various character's paths eloquently. It feels as though there is something larger afoot and season five is slowly taking us there via jam-packed action and gripping storylines.

Despite 13 Stitches having little in the way of glorious cinematography or any form of spectacle, there are constant showdowns and one particular face-off was Gordon against his old comrade, Eduardo Dorrance. Thanks to their history, they knew how to push each other's buttons and it was as much a mental battle as it was physical. The most exciting thing to come out of this was the nod to Eduardo becoming the notorious Bane. It does the raise the question as to whether Bane will face off against Bruce Wayne - we know they are enemies in the comics but so far - there is little tension between them so something will have to happen there.

Barbara must really get on Jim's nerves; she has always just been there at the most inconvenient of moments and her obsessive personality often dwindles any remaining affection Jim does have. It was no different when she blurts out that she is pregnant with Jim's baby whilst he was consoling a mind-warped Lee.  Gotham doesn't need baby drama added to it, it's better than that.

Only half way through, the most defining moment of the season is yet to come but is sure to involve Jeremiah and his master plan. We've already seen him conduct some form of experiment that involves a tunnel, lookalike Wayne parents and the Wayne Manor - and now he has Alfred too. Jeremiah is certainly the most intriguing of characters and emulates that brilliantly in the episode's final cliffhanger line "Today is the big day." I cannot wait to see what unfolds from this ludicrous sycophant.

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