Gotham: 5.05 Legend of the Dark Knight: Pena Dura

Gotham: 5.05 Legend of the Dark Knight: Pena Dura

Pena Dura sees the stories of many of Gotham's major players develop and with episodes like this it is hard to keep up with the progression of the season. Don't get me wrong, we see some brilliant moments, but also some less so.

I'll start with the brilliant Ed Nygma. I have berated him previously this season for the whole alter ego debacle, but his character does fascinate me. His intelligence is so impressive, and his delivery of wit is very Sherlock Holmes esque. His chess riddle to escape Jim and his old army pal Dorrance was fantastic; can we have more Nygma riddles please?

That fanboy moment out the way, a key moment in this episode was the introduction of the aforementioned Eduardo Dorrance. A brief insight into Jim's army days via this guy seems to be all we are going to get, but Dorrance and his men arrived just in time to support Jim and his confrontation with the arms dealer of the RPG, the one responsible for the attack on the safe haven. Finally, Jim got some support - the poor chap, he must have been so relieved.

Piling on some more praise for Nygma here; as pointless as the car battery torture scene was (over a dead dog no less), his way of getting out of it by fooling his captors with the 'fuel' comment was very cool, a simple case of reverse psychology. Alas, this moment brought Ed back to an infatuated Penguin; we already know this love-hate relationship exists and Penguin's revelation that he relied on Hugo Strange to save Ed's life was a pivotal moment in what unfolded. Penguin really doesn't have much about him, yet he finds a way to waddle out of every sticky situation he finds himself in. Kudos to him surviving this long.

The return of Hugo Strange was a welcome one, to me anyway. I am a fan of B.D. Wong, mainly from his Jurassic World character. He just delivers the ambitious scientist role so expertly. Pena Dura sees Nygma confront him and it's only here we learn that Nygma truly didn't consciously attack Haven. Shock twist, to Jim's disappointment it was Dorrance that held control over Nygma and now, a new rivalry is forged. Jim cannot catch a break can he?

With each passing episode Bruce Wayne is showing an increasing amount of classic character traits and Pena Dura is no different. The scene where he disappears after speaking to Harvey was the latest nod to his path in becoming the Dark Knight.

When we saw Selina kill Jeremiah so swiftly in a previous episode I was desperately hoping it was a ruse; it was too easy, I wouldn't accept it. Seeing him return after playing dead was a relief. Not only is his relationship with Ecco growing and equally fascinating but he is bound to end up being Bruce's main enemy leading up to the series finale. I suspect Pena Dura's final moment will reveal Jeremiah has performed surgery on a man and woman who resemble a certain Thomas and Martha Wayne. I hope I'm wrong, but if I'm not then that is one sick move and I am excited to see how that unfolds with the upcoming Dark Knight.

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