Gotham: 5.04 Legend of the Dark Knight: Ruin

Gotham: 5.04 Legend of the Dark Knight: Ruin

With a very apt title Ruin, this episode opens with its major characters having to deal with the loss of Gotham's only safe haven. In the wake of destruction in an already diminishing city, Ruin sees alliances forged in an effort to find the culprit.

The explosion of the safe haven took me by surprise, I mean, I am really starting to feel sorry for Jim Gordon. On the flip side, I absolutely admire his resolve. Time after time throughout the entire series, Jim is constantly knocked down, betrayed, beaten, and no more so than in season five. He always gets back up again, he is the hero Gotham needs. Seeing Jim learn of the loss of his new sidekick, the orphan child he gave his badge to, really was a bold move by the writers - would someone give this guy a break?

In contrast to the season so far, we see Penguin and Gordon unite, brief as it is, to track their common enemy. Having both lost people to the explosion, it is a common interest to track down the person responsible. Tragedy can unite even the greatest of foes, Ruin is no different.

When Jim, Penguin and their joint forces had surrounded a pinned down Victor Zsasz, I was impressed with Jim's simple plan to distract Zsasz and get the drop on him through distraction of cover fire. But, and a strong but, it was totally outrageous having them spam fire so recklessly. Why spend four episodes emphasising the value of ammo, just to completely waste it all? It didn't make sense - get a couple of people to fire some rounds to distract Zsasz, not all 30 of them. Gotham does so well at some of its dramatic moments but at times, it can be laughable.

Entangled in the constant battle of surviving the city, Jim Gordon's authority is constantly questioned and undermined by Oswalt. Despite Jim's best intentions, his nobility proves futile when Penguin sentences Zsasz to death. The constant change in power is delivered well, never rushed. One particular line worth mentioning, "This city will never be what you want it to be, Jim. It's always going to belong to the bad guys, like me." Victor Zsasz words resonates some truth against a persistent Jim's aspirations.

My favourite moment of the episode was seeing Gotham's brightest minds united in an effort to solve the mystery assailant of the safe haven attacks. Edward Nygma and Lucius Fox are both fantastic at what they do; after the previous back and fourth between Nygma and his inner monster, it was relieving to see him put that intelligence to use again - the brilliance we saw in first few seasons. The way Ed sees things is fascinating and my oh my, what a fantastic twist it was realising it was his very own alter-ego responsible. I knew he was capable of monstrous actions but with no obvious motive, I naively ruled him out of this one. Is the Riddler the true power in Gotham? It's looking that way.

I have to comment on the Selina Vs Jeremiah scene; it was such an anti-climatic moment seeing her put him down so efficiently. To go on some big vengeful hunt only to see one of the show's most fascinating characters dispatched like clockwork. Sorry, but I was not impressed;it was too easy. I'm hoping somehow, it isn't the last we've seen of Jeremiah. Especially given the recent introduction of Ecco.  I haven't yet worked out if I am disappointed in the episode's final moment with Jim and Barbara locking lips. Four seasons have come and gone since their last mutual affection and it just feels like Jim is beginning to give into his temptations. As poorly chosen as they may be, I can hardly blame him, given all he has been through. I'm just hoping their rekindled romance doesn't dampen Jim's efforts to save Gotham.

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