Gotham: 5.02 Legend of the Dark Knight: Trespassers

Gotham: 5.02 Legend of the Dark Knight: Trespassers

After an action packed season opener, Trespassers has much less on offer. That said, the survival story does continue to develop and this episode of Gotham does carry some potentially pivotal moments.

Still suffering from a lack of supplies and food, and no sight of the government lending aid anytime soon, Jim Gordon is still left to be the hero. Detectives Gordon and Bullock investigate a location where children have been kidnapped and, with minimal resource and even less ammo, the task is all the more difficult when they find themselves up against a Mad Max looking bunch of henchmen. Said henchmen have been kidnapping children throughout the abandoned city with the intent of having them tunnel a way to the mainland, giving them exclusive access to trade and supplies. It comes as no surprise again, to see Jim Gordon the hero to free them all. As Trespassers further emphasises, Gotham does have a cliché predictability about it.

Speaking of predictability, this episode continues what now feels like an increasingly exhausted storyline as we see Nygma struggling to control his alter ego 'The Riddler'. I have to say, it felt so much more satisfying seeing either alter-ego at work in the previous seasons, but the constant back and forth is now repetitive and it took little guessing yet again to see what the Riddler had been up to during Nygma's 'sleep'. As the season goes on, I suspect we will see Nygma continue to battle with his demons.

Seeing Bruce Wayne set on helping Selina is a mission of friendship; Selina means something to the soon to be Dark Knight, and it clearly pains him to see her so distressed and beaten. Desperate to help, Bruce adopts the allegations of there being a witch with healing powers, yet it turns out to be a returning Poison Ivy. A naive Bruce saves Ivy from her captors, only to watch her slay those who held her. Soon to be his fate too, Bruce pleads to whatever good is left in her to save her old friend Selina. Ivy Pepper gives Bruce a seed for Selina that should restore her body but may change her forever. Despite this ultimatum, Bruce is rewarded by seeing a rejuvenated Selina as she embraces him. Selina's eyes transform into a sharp green, cat-like almost, as the camera pans away.

In what may prove to be a fruitful or deadly alliance, a reunited Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon are brought back together in the episode's climatic showdown. Two gangs are in a shoot off over who gets to turn in Jim Gordon for the hefty bounty placed on his head by Penguin, having had his limp restored in the season opener by the detective. In one fell sweep, Barbara nullifies the gangs with her new (and awesome) weaponised vehicle and in typical Barbara fashion, she cannot help but gloat over her saving the day.  After Penguin murdered Tabitha, a vengeful Barbara is relying on a now indebted Jim Gordon help her take out their common enemy.

Trespassers is really about furthering character development and with only one major showdown towards the end of the episode, it is fairly tame in contrast to the previous entry. However, it has set the seed for bigger plays and I'm keeping a sharp eye on what's next for Selina...

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