Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Honestly, I had forgotten nearly all of what happened in this episode immediately after watching it. It’s a bit harsh to have had that response; watching it for a second time reminded me about a number of plot points which did move things on, yielded relevant information and / or set things up for a new strand. But it was really quite middle of the road in the way it was done. It was like watching a soap where what happens is clearly important (to the show, nothing more!) but you move on immediately until the next episode comes. A shame given that some recent episodes have shown that good quality drama can be produced by this team.

What did happen was a good bit of continued retconning on Janis. We learnt just a few episodes ago she was a mole working for the powers behind the blackout, although to this point we knew not how this came to be, nor how high up she sits. Not very is the answer. She talks to a lady who sells fish and fish tanks and only gets orders back. Busy life she has as a result – for the FBI she needs to further investigations, which she tends to need to hamper for her moonlighting gig. All whilst making sure she helps them stay one or more steps ahead of the FBI – by stealing evidence for example – and keeping herself toe to toe with her FBI bosses. It is as complicated as it sounds one would imagine. Amazingly Benford doesn’t get overly suspicious when she is caught in his office taking documents, telling lies regarding said documents lent to a third party and so on. For a top agent he seems too accepting to be real. Maybe he isn’t, but here we see no indication. It is Benford though, and this is FlashForward. Janis is pregnant, too. It’ll probably be explained by him accepting her erratic behaviour due to the effect of hormones from the pregnancy (and we’ll conveniently forget she’s been doing this for two years according to the retcon). Excitingly we find out Janis is actually working for the CIA as well (must have a good wage packet!). So, in the space of just a couple of episodes Janis has gone from a good lesbian agent to a multi-crossing agent because she’s a lesbian who is working for the good guys, because she’s a baddy working for the goodies. Got it.

Our other main focus this episode was Gaius Baltar and his homeless savant one man act. I like it – there’ve been a few discussions I’ve seen regarding this character and his portrayal and how bad it is. But it’s so OTT that it works. Kudos to James Callis for the way he plays Gabriel as it really makes the character stand out. We learn about Raven River psychiatric hospital where Frost utilised the eidetic skills of 30+ savants to write the future, and its many forking paths, when flashed forwards into time on innumerable occasions. Hopefully we’ll see Gabriel used to impart a number of those futures to the Mosaic team, especially any which explain what The End is in 2016. Or maybe not, seeing as the same team let one agent and one non-FBI public doctor travel to Raven river and investigate entirely alone, and split up, despite the potential danger given they were following a lead and had no idea what it all meant.

I’ve just had a flashback to Aaron and his one man Afghan investigation. I can’t remember a thing about it. It blended very well as far as I can see.

The episode left us with the (shock, horror) news that Janis is expected to kill Benford. Use the fish tank I say, and do it quick.

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