Girls: 6.06 Full Disclosure

“I break things. And I don’t want to break you.”

This week in Girls, Hannah has decided that it’s time for Marnie to know her news and despite, yet again, attempting to monopolise and make the occasion Marnie-based, [“Ray dumped me. Can you believe it?” —- “Well, yeah. You’ve been a horrible c*nt to him.”] it goes well. Hannah is incredulous at her friend’s support but it's short-lived as she begins to berate our mummy-to-be for relying on the pull-out method as a from of birth-control, and pushes for Hannah to tell the father.

Elijah apologises for last week’s kitchen-based brutality and assures he is in Hannah’s life and “their” baby’s. The love story continues. Hannah is determined to keep her little ‘un and is taking her job extremely seriously. She’s seemingly found her place. What is distracting is Adam’s incessant phone calls and turning up outside her apartment, stalking her. How very three years ago. He wants her to watch “the movie”

“I need you to tell me if it’s real. I made a movie about what we went through, okay. And I need you to tell me if I got it right. That my memories are your memories. Did I lie about anything? I wanna know that we felt the same things.” *clutches pearls*

Somewhat differently from last season when he was screaming “Hannah is a bitch and c*nt!”, he is earnest, sincere, and oh hell I may have wished (briefly) for both of them to realise what absolute morons they’ve been and sod Jessa. In a moment of frustration and a way of shutting him up, she blurts out that she’s pregnant. His knee-jerk reaction is to tell her no, she’s not. I love the fact that everyone has an opinion of Hannah’s in utero tenant and are, either, in denial about the whole thing, or they believe it’s a huge mistake. The baby has acted as a trigger (not necessarily all bad) for those in the know - Loreen’s mortality is now in question, Elijah’s initial arseholeism, which by the end of Full Disclosure has him more determined than ever to have a Broadway career. And Marnie. Oh Marnie.

I have always been supremely grateful to Girls and Dunham for writing characters that we are invited to love, loathe, and want to punch in equal measure but Marnie in this season, specifically, has been something else entirely. Hannah’s pregnancy has made her realise (more so than ever) that she’s not where she wants to be - the wrong side of her twenties, no job, a flailing music career and now, no relationship. She actually blames her mother and Desi for they are preventing her from “becoming the Godmother [she] needs to be!” *gnaws fist* She’s in New Jersey for a gig, playing La Vue, for Evie’s bff's Sharva’s (Azura Skye) birthday. Desi is reluctant to perform, something about exploitation and it being bullshit, and falls spectacularly off the wagon, leaving Marnie to duet (badly) with her mother. Desi does show up though, once again proving his affection but looks relieved that he can go walk away. Hopefully for good this time.

Elijah’s working in a department store - in addition to Ray’s Coffee or instead of? We’re not sure. He runs lines with his co-worker (also a struggling actor) and reminds us just how bloody talented he is. Hannah’s grabbing dinner with her two adorable dads, Tad and Keith, who also have an opinion on Horvath the minor and whether Paul-Louis deserves to know.

Adam tells Jessa because, well, why wouldn’t he? and the self-diagnosed sociopath can’t help herself. Again, baby trigger. Any excuse to insert herself into the situation. The first words out of her mouth are “I’m hurt.” Hearing Hannah’s news from Adam is wounding, apparently. It’s particularly fascinating how Adam and Jesse now appear to need Hannah, and neither can quite understand the correlation between their former friend getting her shit together and her detachment from the whole drama. “We’re not friends. Have we ever really been? I didn’t tell you because I don’t care what you think and I don’t care about your feelings because I really don’t care about you anymore, Jessa.”

After everybody sticking their oar in, Hannah calls Paul-Louis, or at least tries the only number she has for him but panics and cuts the operator off; choosing instead to watch Adam’s soon-to-be festival favourite Full Dis:closure. The opening sex scene cause an eye roll but then she concentrates on the dialogue, the furtive glances and affection between Adam and “Mira”.

As far as the preceding episodes are concerned, Full Disclosure - penned by Murray Miller - is the weakest one yet but works just fine as filler. A few loose ends have been tied. The next four weeks are up for grabs - Paul-Louis has to resurface, right? Ray and Shosh… just makes sense, and more of Hannah please, our little one woman warrior. Will we meet Banana’s offspring? Could Adam become a perfect papa? Yeah, sorry I went there…

N.B. Kudos on the mid-credit sequence allowing us to finally see how Hannah and Adam met; an almond-stealer and a dodgy wigged fellow but still very sweet.

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