Girls: 5:02 Good Man

I’m surprised he’s not on Christopher Street drowning in a pool of semen.

While the first episode focussed upon a wedding, this touches briefly on an impending divorce. That said, Good Man is the most consistently funny - and I’m talking laugh-out loud sniggering - episode. Written by Dunham and regular Girls co-writer Jenni Konner, and again directed by Lady Lena, it has several themes, and touches upon the usual tropes; sexuality, gender, and despair. The path to adulthood and maturation doesn’t get easier, and if any character personifies this, it’s Thad Horvath. Peter Scolari thankfully has been given a lot more to play with over the last season as Hannah’s sweet and struggling, sometimes lost and passive father. Larkin had a point about the whole parents fucking you up bit, Hannah was foisted into independence in the pilot episode and breakdown aside has grown considerably and yet, their dwindling relationship continues to impede on her own life.

The episode opens with Frannah awoken in bed (yep, losing my enthusiasm for the whole Frannah thing now) by a potential home-invader. It’s Jacob (Christian Gapozzoli) Fran’s flatmate, off his meds threatening to Hulk-out, throwing furniture and freaking out over Hannah’s bush “blowing in the wind like a fucking Bob Dylan concert.” Fran moves in with Hannah and Elijah, who still has that interesting facial hair and a propensity for walking around in his underwear. Hmm, can’t say I’m enamoured with Fran calling his girlfriend “Buddy”, completely a personal preference but no, eww. I don’t want another broken Horvath especially since we know where Adam and Jessa are heading…

Ah Jessa and Adam. Yeah, I'm reticent about it. They acknowledge it will be a disaster and yet, their addictive personalities and compulsive behaviour lead them to spending the day at Coney Island; eating sausage and peppers, hitting up a debtor, flinging frogs with small children, and goldfish murder. There’s no denying they mesh well. Hell, they’re even dressed suspiciously similar (black denim and green wool) throughout… but the fallout will be, I fear, disastrous.

Old-man Ray embarks upon a turf-war with the new coffee-shop, Helvetica, that has opened opposite his own, (“What kind of fucking douchebag names their store after a font?”) which doesn’t sell lids and even has its own breastfeeding section! Needless to say, words are exchanged between the two proprietors and a cringe-worthy exchange via a rather impacting cameo by Grace Dunham and Ray. His cantankerous nature and unravelling patience is a joy to watch, it has to be said.

Which leads us back to Thad. He comes into the city to meet-up with someone he has met online (after Googling the word ‘gay’) and erupts into tears when he realises he has left his wallet behind. First thing to pop into my mind was Sideways and that hilarity-ensued recovery mission. It is actually a lot more civilised, although still so funny, if a little bizarre – boot-maker Keith played adorably by Ethan Phillips is Thad’s doppelganger. Unless I’m the only one who sees it…? Mr Horvath, the good man who still wants the life he has made, love his wife, and heap adoration on the daughter he helped create but yearns to embrace the one aspect of himself he has hidden for decades. Understandable yes, selfish yes, especially when that last shot settles on Hannah’s face *crumbles*. No Marnie (presumably honeymooning with Desi-the-drip) or Shoshanna this week but I will admit to summoning the spirit of Shosh when I saw Elijah’s new potential love, Dill Harcourt. OM-effing G, Corey Stoll *heart-eyes emoji, shallow-breathing, etc.*

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