Game Of Thrones: 5.05 Kill The Boy


Is halfway through Game Of Thrones fifth season, the time to ask whether this is the first year the quality has dipped? There will be plenty out there that think that’s a heretical thing to say but consider the progress of the show, and its characters, this season.

Over in Meereen Daenerys is still stuck in a bit of a rut, her story hasn’t progressed significantly for a couple of seasons now, it seems to be picking up a touch of motion with her marriage “proposal” and there’s clearly a lot of time being spent on her growth from naive Queen of Dragons to something a bit more substantial. But what the Khaleesi needs now is a substantial storyline. She can’t rule the Seven Kingdoms from there.

Bringing Tyrion to her aid didn’t go so well for Jorah this week, the Stone Men have done for him in the long term, though it did bring some action to the episode, and we got see Tyrion and a dragon in the same shot. Cool.

Meanwhile The North got a good look this week with long scenes at Winterfell, where the insidious Roose and basically evil Ramsay are living it up. As enjoyable as these scenes are, and as brilliantly offensive as Michael McElhatton (Roose) and Iwan Rheon (Ramsay) play the roles they’re treading water until Stannis arrives with his army. And speaking of Stannis surely he’s now the most likable character on the show? Scenes with his daughter and Jon Snow recently have shown the man behind the frown. This can mean only one thing though in this ...Thrones world...

Though the show is currently obsessed with moving its pieces around the board without seemingly getting anywhere the clue is in the title, Game Of Thrones, and showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have taken George R.R. Martin’s world and crafted such an intriguing and well written world and set of characters that even when the show is stuck in fourth gear it’s still far better than the competition.

Expectations are that the much expected shift into top gear is not too far away now. Bring on the second half of the season.

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