Game Of Thrones: 4.07 Mockingbird

Spoilers below for episode 7 of Season 4.

It’s nice to have Game Of Thrones back, after a couple of weeks of slowing down a bit this was an excellent episode, full of tête-à-tête. It’s one of those episodes that doesn’t seem to go anywhere very fast but centres on themes and subtly moves the plot along whilst entertaining it’s audience.

You had the scenes with Arya and The Hound, showing some softness and filling in some background the Sandor Clegane, Brienne and Podrick making some headway in their search for the Starks girls with input from Hot Pie, and the scenes with Danerys, firstly stroking Daario then stroking Jorah’s ego. All these moments added something to the world of Westeros, to the depth of the characters, or to the themes of the show.

Then there’s Lord Petyr Baelish, he of the wandering accent, and his machiavellian schemes. His despatching of Lysa Arryn is this the first time we’ve seen him get his hands dirty. He’s slowly wormed his way into Sansa’s affections, and finally made clear his intentions towards her. And as unlikeable as the character is he’s responsible for ridding the world of some of its most horrible characters. You fear now for poor, weird, disturbed Robin, let’s hope he enjoys flying.

The best of those head to heads happen in the prison cell at King’s Landing, where Tyrion Lannister is trying his hardest not to have to face Ser Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain, in a battle to the death. In typical Tyrion style his way with words doesn’t always get people onside, but he does have the best lines. For example, to his brother Jaime Lannister: “You’re the golden son. You could kill a king, lose a hand, and fuck your own sister and still be the golden son.” A very neat and concise summing up of Jaime’s three and a half seasons on the show. It’s a trick that the writers are good at, using a jokey throwaway line to sum up a characters storyline in as few a words as possible.

The chat between Bronn and Tyrion, the sellsword and the Lord, seemed like the end of an era, the chemistry between Jerome Flynn and Peter Dinklage has been great, and the two of them have been brilliant fun to watch. They’ve matched some of the best lines in the show with some of the best delivery: Bronn to Tyrion “If I gave you the choice between fucking Lolis and fighting The Mountain you’d have your breeches down and cock up before I could blink.” or Tyrion to Bronn “Because you’re an evil bastard with no conscience and no heart? That’s what I liked about you in the first place.”

And finally the scene between Tyrion and Prince Oberyn sank to the lowest depths, the close up on Tyrion’s face as Oberyn told him the story of the first time they met, to the fist pumping high of “I will be your champion.” Awesome. And even more exciting is the prospect of The Red Viper facing off against The Mountain next week. Let’s get ready to rumble.

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