Game Of Thrones: 4.03 - Breaker Of Chains

There are many many SPOILERS in this article, right from the first line.

And so Joffrey is still dead. Yes, he’s really dead, there are no comebacks in this world, when you die in Westeros you stay dead. Unless you’re the Lord Of Light but we’ve forgotten about them for now. Brotherhood Without Banners, more like Brotherhood Without Storyline.

Anyhow, Breaker Of Chains continues directly on from the previous episode and develops the story more slowly, there are no shockers this week. Unless you count the previously redemptive Jaime Lannister raping his twin sister – twincest is a word now apparently – a shock, and we do! After spending all of Season Three rebuilding Jaime as a character we can root for, and even like, that was all but ruined by the scene of him and Cersei by the dead body of their son and former King, Joffrey. Oh Jaime, what would Brienne say?

Staying with House Lannister, Tywin is already grooming the new boy King, little Tommen, in a great scene where Cersei can literally see her youngest son being taken away from her as she’s grieving for her eldest son. Charles Dance is fantastic in this, just the right side of sinister, and his scenes with Prince Oberyn of Dorn have crackled with a kind of threatening calm. And speaking of The Red Viper, amongst the naked women and macho men of Westeros it’s refreshing to see a positive portrayal of a bisexual man. It’s too rare to see this kind of character on television, especially outside of a show specifically about gay men or women.

Poor Tyrion is looking in bad shape, not allowed to see anyone, and even Podrick has been sent on his way. It’s a testament to the writing of this show that the exit of a relatively minor character is laced with emotion and a real sense of sadness.

There’s the return of Littlefinger and Aiden Gillain’s ongoing attempt to nail down an accent. Turns out he’s the shadowing figure behind Ser Dontos and Sansa Stark’s escape from King’s Landing. At his best when sparring with Varys in the Small Council, and forever lusting after Catelyn Stark, it’ll be interesting to see what lies ahead for Lord Baelish.

The most boring aspect of the show at the moment is the monotonous season and a half of Stannis Baratheon’s story. After losing the battle of Blackwater he’s done nothing but mope and it’s a waste of two terrific actors in Stephen Dillane and Liam Cunningham. At least Stannis is starting to realise people are forgetting about him.

Castle Black is also not a fun place to be, you feel there’s a lot more to come from this thread of the story and Jon Snow is turning into the leader you would expect Ned Stark’s son to be. Still it’s brewing nicely, with the wildlings, white walkers, and potentially other forces all set to converge.

Arya and The Hound has got the potential to be the best thing about this show, their little and large act is working well with the vicious, take no shit, attitude of Sangor Clegane – or in his language an angry fucker – counteracting with the more human view that the youngest Stark girl still clings to. Despite all the horror of her short life she stills sees the good in people and situations.

Finally, over near Mereen Danerys is still slowly marching towards the city. The scenes there are becoming a little repetitive but you have to admire the scale of it all. The scenery and armies are huge, and the cinematography is excellently done.

Game Of Thrones never disappoints and this episode continues to move things forward.

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