Fortitude: 1.10

‘I hate this place.’
Those were the last words of DCI Eugene Morton, and with his demise on the ice there ends the run of the last of the big names of Fortitude, leaving Sofie Gråbøl and Richard Dormer to carry us through the last episode. But this penultimate episode still had plenty of truths and shocks for us.

By way of a flashback we finally learn what happened to the loathsome Pettigrew. It was not Erik that was responsible but Dan’s obsession with Elena, his need to protect her from anything and everything. A bond she at last can relate to, as only two murders can truly understand each other. A secret they’ll keep for each other, just as the secret of Dan’s parentage died on the ice.

Jason attacked Nathalie, and Yuri stole the ice drill. So when informed of the current situation, the governor aptly summarised up the current situation in Fortitude of late: “It’s not a new hotel we need is it, it’s a bigger morgue.”

Shirley’s mum, Doctor Allerdyce, is still in a coma while Nathalie and Vincent continue their scientific explorations. The answer isn’t in the blood, or the pollutants, but Professor Stoddard’s deceased dog offers a clue. Shot by Dan while the poor pooch was feasting on Stoddard’s remains, there is evidence of larvae, that could be keeping their hosts alive, perhaps even influencing them, as they feast on their flesh.
That would certainly explain the writhing pustules beneath Doctor Allerdyce’s skin. Pustules that, when Vincent is alone with the patient, begin to hatch and the insectoid plague begins to emerge. First one creepy bug after another, then in a scene reminiscent of The Mummy or The Exorcist, a veritable explosion of flying insects is vomited forth from the late Doctor’s mouth, engulfing the room. We fear Vincent may not survive this season of Fortitude either.

So, only one episode left, and few secrets remain. All that does remain is how this plague can be contained. And who will survive.

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