Fortitude: 1.06

The whodunit aspect of Fortitude is well and truly done with. Not only do we now know who killed poor Professor Stoddard, but we suspect why. And while Billy Pettigrew’s murder still remains largely unsolved, even as Henry and DCI Morton peel back the layers, it’s not why we’re watching anymore, unless it ties back into the larger mystery.

The fact that Eric probably killed Pettigrew by bear, that his wife now knows he was cheating on her, that something the Russians don’t understand is showing up on Stoddard’s Ground Penetrating Radar scans, all of it pales into insignificance compared to the growing horror. What we can see, what brings us back, is wanting to know what antediluvian horror is emerging from the ice.

Markus, the creepy feeder may put us on edge, but the target of his affections is a bigger cause for concern for us. Shirley Allerdyce was getting sicker and sicker until she too exploded in a rage similar to Liam Sutter’s. It was brutal to watch her attack her mother, visceral and goresome. Yet as far as we can tell, her mother isn’t dead, but Shirley purposefully vomited clear gooey contagion into her inner organs. And so, little by little the plague spreads through the community and the show continues to evolve into something quite different to what we were expecting.

By now, all perceived similarities between Fortitude and Broadchurch have melted away. And while audiences are increasingly perplexed, nobody’s talking about stopping watching it anymore.

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