Fortitude: 1.04

There’s no doubting that Stanley Tucci is popular, but he’s been on a bit of a slow burn in the inconsistent Fortitude. Last week’s episode meandered terribly, skittering across the thin ice of Sky’s mammoth investment. Too often has the show been compared to the weaker elements of season two of Broadchurch.

This time though, solid progress is made. Frank Sutter, fresh from his encounter with police brutality, is questioned by Tucci’s DCI Morton. He can’t be questioned by Sheriff Dan as presumably they’ve been watching Broadchurch and know about the detrimental effect it could have on a trial. The evidence against Frank rests on the blood-soaked t-shirt he discarded. We were led to believe it was due to a sexually aggressive Elena and Dan thought it was Charlie Stoddard’s blood, but Frank maintains it was his son’s blood. It turns out Dan was right, but so was Frank. It appears that Frank’s son’s moonlit walk to frostbite may also have made him at least a witness to the murder, if not more.

Elena’s secrets are also starting to come out, and not only Dan’s obsession with her is being dragged under the spotlight. It appears that when in Spain, when she was still known as Esmerelda, she and her lover were charged with murder and she spent seven years in prison.

So, four episodes in and progress is being made, secrets are being spilled into the glare of the Nordic lights. Did the disease that’s been affecting the reindeer and the polar bears also affect Sutter’s son, turning him into a frenzied killer? And what’s with the storyline of Darren Boyd's Markus feeding Shirley to ‘make her more beautiful’? Questions still abound, but it does feel like there’s progression at last.

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