Fargo: 3.07 The Law of Inevitability

The following review contains full spoilers for the seventh episode of Fargo season three.

The Law of Inevitability is an oftentimes frustrating episode. Some of that frustration is purposeful and well-earned and some of it isn't, but it all revolves around Gloria and her attempts to figure out what really happened to Ray Stussy while her dimwitted superiors are content to charge Nikki with the homicide.

On one hand, Gloria has to jump through plenty of bureaucratic hoops just to speak to Nikki, sneaking from office to office in the hopes of securing the proper paperwork without her soon-to-be chief finding out. That the system seems designed to prevent any kind of impromptu police work from learning the truth is the earned frustration. And Carrie Coon really sells that anger as Gloria. This is the most material that the lovable chief has had since the brilliant third episode, and Coon makes every second count. Also, her last-minute rescue of Nikki was the perfect indication that if she has to wait hours just to ask a question, but that mysterious "cop" can walk right in and nearly murder Nikki, then something is amiss.

Then, though, there's the second, unearned frustration: that is, the complete ineptitude of Gloria's superiors. I get that it's supposed to compliment Varga's season-long spiel that anything that is believed is true, but it really just feels like a rehash of season one's imbecile cops. It takes a murder attempt for the other officers to believe Gloria, and even then, they are entirely skeptical.

While all this was happening, Emmit was dealing with the fallout from, you know, killing his own brother. But his reaction is a little surprising, as he seems strangely confident and aggressive, but also a little paranoid and very unhinged, even going so far as to trash humanity in front of a potential business partner and to accuse Sy of colluding with Ray. It's rather heartbreaking to see Sy, who was nothing if not loyal to Emmit, be completely degraded and then discarded by him. That final scene, where he cries into his wife's arms (a wife that, it should be noted, is just as doting to Sy as Sy is to Emmit) is quite powerful.

Before leaving Sy, Emmit told him that he wanted to be alone, but as it turned out, Varga was inside waiting for him the whole time. Does that mean that Emmit has completely submitted to Varga, so that now they are essentially inseparable? And Varga has sent Yuri and Meemo to finish Nikki once and for all, leading to a dazzling and disturbing bus crash scene in which Yuri fully earns the title of "major weirdo" with his wolf's head.

And then, of course, there's the elephant in the room: on the transit bus, Nikki was seated by none other than Mr. Wrench! That's right, this season's goons ended the episode in the same bus as one of the goons from season one! Although Noah Hawley didn't announce a connection this season, it was always inevitable, but this was still pleasantly surprising. I assume that they will develop the connection further, because season two's revelation that Hanzee became Mr. Tripoli was incredible. As we wait for Fargo's final three episodes, I can only guess, while trying to keep my impossible dream that we see a Gloria/Molly Solverson team-up at bay.

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