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Previously on Lost: At the end of the last episode Desmond was surprisingly chirpy and amenable to Widmore after his electromagnetic zapping. He happily wandered off with Sayid who was there at notLocke's command. Back at the beach Richard has taken it on himself to fight back against notLocke by blowing up the plane.

This week is a Hurley centric episode. In alt-world … alt-Hurley is all suited up to get "man of the year" award for his philanthropic endeavours; but his mother isn't that impressed and thinks he needs to find himself a woman. So she sends him off on a date. However the date doesn't show up, some one else does though, it's Libby. Confusing her for his date, Hurley invites her to sit down, she corrects his mistake, takes him by the hand and explains that they are connected, and that she remembers him. Before she can explain why, she gets taken away by Doctor Brooks and Hurley watches as she gets into a van belonging to a mental institute.

A few days later Hurley is tucking into some chicken at his fast-foodery and is still a little confused by his run in with crazy Libby. But in walks Desmond, he reminds Hurley they met on the plane and after Hurley explains about the strange woman he met, Desmond plants the idea that maybe Hurley did know Libby and that maybe he should investigate further as to who she is. Then, as randomly as he turned up, Desmond's off again. Des's sudden confidence about his actions and his meddling seeming a lot like Jacob's when he was out in the real world back in season 5.

Hurley heads off to the mental institute and pays off Dr Brooks so he can visit Libby. He needs to know how Libby knew him, and despite her fears of being thought of as crazy, she explains that she has memories of a plane crash and being stranded on an island. He still doesn't know what she's talking about but asks her on a date. The date goes well, Libby plants one on Hurley, he has a flash and remembers his other 'island self'. Des is watching from a far and smiles.

Back on the island reality.... Hurley is pinning for dead Libby at her grave and is wondering why she hasn't visited him as a ghost yet. But just then, it's not her but 'ghost-Michael', who comes to visit him, "you are going to get everyone killed", he says. He goes on to explain that people are listening to Hurley now and he needs to use his influence to save everyone. Ilana gets back to the beach from the 'Black Rock' with some 'plane destroying' dynamite and has a little 'Arzt' style accident with the unstable dynamite. Despite this unfortunate incident Richard is still hell-bent on his plan to get more dynamite and after some encouragement from Hurley (now with new found leadership advice), Jack is on-board to go back to the Black Rock.

In the other camp Sayid reveals to notLocke that he has captured Desmond and that he's tied him to a tree. Desmond seems perfectly fine with the situation and has no intention of leaving because he has no where to go, so notLocke unties him and they have a little chat. Desmond reveals that he was kidnapped so he doesn't know Widmore's intentions are with him and that he was blasted by electromagnetism. notLocke then asks Desmond if he knows who he is, Desmond replies, super-cool, that he's John Locke of course. The way he says this unsettles notLocke and he takes him off into the jungle to show him something. On the way notLocke and Desmond see a boy in the jungle, notLocke angrily tells Desmond to ignore him, the boy smirks and runs off.

Meanwhile back with the 'Richard and Jack' group who are heading to the Black Rock; they arrive only to see Hurley running toward them from ship, screaming get back. It predictably explodes and Hurley explains that Michael told him to do it. Richard challenges Hurley about whether Jacob is really telling him to do things and Hurley he stands his ground. Richard is having none of it and calls out a group to splinter off (without Hurley, Jack, Sun and Lapidus) to go continue with his plan. I hope you are keeping up with all these island groups. There's now Hurley's group, Richard's group, notLocke's group, Widmore's army and Sawyer's group within notLocke's.

It's now dark and Hurley's group hears some whisper noises. Hurley says he knows who they are. He wanders off into the jungle a little ways and calls for Michael; Michael explains away this large part of the show in this conversation and that the ghosts are trapped on the island because they can't move on. So the Ghosts/whispers are yet another group to keep track of. Hurley asks Michael where notlocke is, Michael points him out and says he's sorry for killing Libby.

Back with notLocke and Desmond; they have a conversation about a well. notLocke asks why Desmond isn't afraid "what is the point of being afraid" he replies. notLocke's face drops and he pushes Desmond down the well. When notlocke returns to the camp Hurley and Jack etc arrive at the same time and they work out a truce. notLocke happily welcomes them in and it looks like his plan of reuniting all the original Losties, so he can escape on the plane with them, is working.

At the end of the episode alt-Desmond is sitting outside a school waiting for substitute teacher, alt-Locke, to come out. alt-Ben walks up and questions why he's hanging around. Without missing a beat, Des says he has a son called Charlie. This is interesting, though he could also be referring to the other alt-Charlie who he is in fact meant to be looking after. After Ben wanders off Des gets Locke in his sights and drives straight at him in car park. The wheel chair goes flying and Locke bounces off the bonnet of Des's car... cliff hanger.

Hurley episodes are always entertaining, mainly due to the humour. But there wasn't much in the way of 'funny' in this one. The scenes with Hurley and his mother are an exception and there was a nervous laugh when Ilana blew up but that was it really. Still though, it was generally a solid episode and I do feel it's moved things along some what. The criticism of the season is that not a lot happens. But I think you'll agree there was a fair bit of plot in this one. It zipped along at a good pace and some how managed to effortlessly switch between, what I count to be, two different universes and 5 different sets of people with multiple story lines. All of which are changing location and have time pass at a different pace. This must be almost impossibly complicated to keep track of when they make these episodes; so it should be commended that they never let the complexity feel like too much. Saying that I hope things don't get more complicated towards the end because it feel like they are getting too close to the limit of 'cohesion' at times.

I'm liking Desmond's role as a 'bringer together' of the alternate realities and his new found, slightly creepy, confidence in both worlds interesting. It seems what he now knows, or has worked out, is the key to ending. This happened after the application of a huge amount of electromagnetic energy. The last time that happened to him, was after the hatch exploded, he had small flashes of the future. Maybe a LOT of electromagnetic energy means he doesn't just get flashes, maybe he has full knowledge of the future. Then, given that all the characters have a link to their alt-selves, maybe that effect has passed to both Desmond's. Just a theory of course.

Next episode is called 'The Last Recruit'.

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