Elementary: 2.10 - Tremors

Spoilers if you haven't seen this episode yet

One episode to go to mid-season and a rather large element of doubt is introduced into Sherlock's relationship with the NYPD when his contract for work is reviewed in an internal hearing following the shooting of Detective Bell. Firstly, it's rather sweet that NYPD does this kind of thing in the open, British law around self employed contractors is much easier to navigate (you just stop paying them). Still that would ruin the drama and tension here, so we get a courtroom framed battle for Sherlock's investigative life.

The story runs in flashback as Sherlock and Joan give their accounts of the events leading up to the shooting. Beginning with a schizophrenic man walking into the precinct and announcing that he is the "knight" and has killed his "lady" whilst brandishing a shotgun. Sherlock tricks him by playing into his hallucination and soon they are visiting the scene of the crime and the man's studio. Events lead them to a slimeball who buys dying people's life insurance and a research doctor, and Sherlock manages to earn their ire and consequently bring on the shooting.imageThis is basically a tale of hubris where Sherlock's ego is checked in by the unintended consequences of his actions. Desperate at the hearing to dodge blame and the charges, his disdain for his circumstances is obvious and he basically ensures the outcome that will hurt himself most. Yet, he has told Joan previously that his personality is his edge and that he won't change, but what of Detective Bell who lies in a hospital bed worrying that he will never get back to the job whilst Sherlock avoids him.

Their final meeting in the hospital is very well done. Sherlock, possibly returning from a much needed NA meeting, tries humility, thanks and apology before trying to put it all right by getting Bell the best doctor. Bell, infuriated and facing disability, listens, seethes and tells the sleuth to get lost. He had previously saved his bacon by advising the commissioner to keep the consulting detective on side, but the return of Sherlock's pride was just too much for him.

So no movement on his brother's conspiracy to return him to the UK, no return of Moriarty yet and little more than an unusual construct for the storytelling this week. To be frank, Detective Bell is quite a dull character and pretty expendable so it's hard to invest too much in his recovery and perhaps this is all about freeing up a cast place for someone else? A pretty average episode after some good ones this season, let's hope Internal Audit's a bit more exciting....

Elementary is shown in the UK by Sky Living on Tuesdays (several episodes behind) and is also available on Sky Go

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