Dracula 1.08: Come to Die

Spoilers for episode 8 of Dracula ahead

After last week's inside leg measuring, vigorous pumping and stolen embraces, we get more of the same as Alexander Grayson sets about trying to get even. We begin with Harker trying to tell Mina that his employer is pure evil - a tough sell given last week he was being so nice at the asylum and has been so good to both of them. Rather than take his word for it, Mina confronts Grayson with her intended's suspicions and he answers honestly that to meet his goals he sometimes has to behave less honourably.image

Harker, who this week bounces about like a pinball, is looking to the Order of the Dragon to help him defeat Grayson when he happens upon Lucy who vouchsafes that Mina has been seeing a lot of the fanged one, as well as making him aware that she would be receptive of his advances. Cue him confronting Mina and accusing her of loving Grayson - and then escaping in a huff just before Lord Davenport's men set upon her with acid. Luckily, a supernaturally strong human being sorts matters out with detached limbs and buckets of blood - all missed by an unconscious Mina.

His fiancee recovering in hospital, Harker visits and learns that Davenport was responsible before setting off with a lust for blood. Grayson the rescuer is redeemed in Mina's eyes and Harker storms in on Davenport armed with a pistol. The Lord begs for his life and shows Harker the Dresden Triptych, featuring Mina's image, that Grayson wanted so badly. The gun goes off killing Davenport as Harker realises he has lost his love. After disposing of the nobility, he succumbs to the charms of Lucie and some blanket bingo.imageMeanwhile, the Order has learnt Dracula is back in town and Lady Jayne is set upon finding him, discarding Grayson as her lover and telling him she knows he loves Mina on the way. With Harker dealing with Davenport for him and Mina coming around to his attentions, Grayson wrestles with taking violent revenge only to opt to strike at the Order's leader, the episode ends with Browning finding his children gone.

This was one of the strongest slices of the series with Grayson turning the tables after the previous week's problems. It served to nicely set up the end of the series over the next two episodes with Lady Jayne intent on finding the master vampire under her nose, the Order wounded and Harker ruined by his own blundering. Rhys Meyers is simmering nicely and chomping at the bit - will his Grayson succumb to rage or wreak revenge more subtly? The central romance seems unimpeded and the glorious confrontation between the former lovers, vampire and vampire hunter, will be something to savour.

Bizarrely, we have overtaken our American cousins and the series will end in the UK on Thursday, with no news of a renewal yet. I have really enjoyed this daffy and lusty adaptation and will be sad if we don't get more. A special word to Toast of London fans - this week's episode featured both Ray Purchase (Harry Peacock) and Ed Howzer-Black (Robert Bathurst) - what price Matt Berry as a villainous vampire?

Dracula is shown in the UK on Sky Living on Mondays and concludes on Thursday. The final episodes are available on SkyGo

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