Dracula: 1.07 - Servant to Two Masters

Spoilers for episode 7 of Dracula ahead

Hot weather. Over-starched underwear. The mere thought of traffic warden uniforms. I don't know about you but those three things send me spiralling into erotic fascination and lustful lascivious thoughts. The seventh episode of Dracula is similarly pre-occupied as lust is not just in the air but positively sneaking around every corner and causing all manner of problems for the plans of Alexander Grayson. Newly freed to walk in daylight our undead chum is forsaking corpuscles believing the curse of vampirism is defeated, yet desperate to sink his molars into a nice artery or two.

We begin with Harker confronting Grayson and accusing him of luring him into slander. Grayson doesn't deny it but points out his employee's own foolishness, a comment that serves to push Harker into the waiting arms of the Order of the Dragon who seek to recruit Harker for their own nefarious ends. Grayson is now able to walk in light for 4 hours at a time and takes advantage of his new liberty to pay a visit to his favourite vampire huntress during the day. Cue much lusty grappling in the strongest sex scene of the series so far.imageYet, his lover has her own plans as well. After egging on Lucie to make a pass at Mina last time, she now talks her into taking her revenge against Jonathan for Mina's rejection. Sooner than you might think possible, or indeed decent, Lucie is taking Harker's inside leg measurement and licking her lips. Grayson meanwhile has planned a demonstration of his geomagnetic power and the Order of the Dragon are gearing up to scupper it, whilst Lord Davenport steals the relic Renfield has been sent out to purchase.

By episode's end, Grayson has been sidetracked by Mina's advances and fails to stop the Order's plans. His demonstration abandoned, Harker recruited to his opposition and Lord Davenport learning of Mina's place in his heart...Dracula is facing some sizable odds at last. Next week promises more lusty goings on with Grayson's true identity at risk and Harker the tool of Lord Davenport's revenge.

This show remains great fun, endearing in its bold silliness. Lush and beautiful to look at, the action is intermittently daft and cruel with a hefty dose of Meyers' torso and cleavage from elsewhere. We're still yet to discover if it has been cancelled but fervently hoping it won't be.

Dracula is shown in the UK on Sky Living on Mondays and is available on SkyGo

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