Dracula: 1.06 - Of Monsters and Men


The theory of net advantage, ever heard of it? Well, basically it suggests that things even themselves out.For example, if you've ever known somebody who was very good looking, they probably had bad breath, were thick as shit or walked funny as compensation. Similarly, if you ever knew any one whose appearance could curdle milk, they were probably great company, extra witty and an excellent companion (in the dark, that is). It's not quite yin and yang but it does go some way to explaining why Gary and Phil Neville forsook male modelling to be good at playing football.

Now Dracula. He's a stud, all the women swoon at his feet, money flows into his coffers and he's dead brainy too. So as fate's compensation, he must avoid pointy wooden implements, garlic mushrooms, and the light of day. In the marvellous physical vessel of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Dracula's milkshake brings all the girls to the yard but he can only entertain this potential plethora of seduction opps during the hours of darkness or with the curtains drawn. imageStill, as disadvantages go it's not proved a huge one in the first half of this series. JRM has bedded Victoria Smurfit, won the heart of Jessica De Gouw and seduced others in the London night. His success has also extended to the business arena with deals done after dusk and meetings held indoors at before dawn. Now though the Order of the Dragon smells a Lord of rats and has decided to force him into daylight with an outdoors shareholder meeting.

Van Helsing now has to experiment on Vlad himself and who knows what will happen...Meanwhile Jonathan Harker has finally stormed the battlements of Mina's virtue after getting her pissed, and has got himself into real trouble by telling journalists of a story that is proved false. Mina, whilst yielding to Jonathan, has found herself assaulted on another front when Lucie declares her feelings and tries it on, and she then almost gets herself fired because of snooping around Van Helsing's laboratory.

Now all of the various plot strands seem to be converging upon Dracula's person and identity, and pheromones are flying around like nobody's business. Everyone knows that Dracula wants Mina and that they don't measure up to either her or him and Lord Davenport seems keen to mess Grayson up vendetta style. A first walk in the light will presumably lead to more to come and Jonathan is either on the point of being turned or ruined. Nothing says Christmas mid-season break like bags of lust and plenty of plotting.

Low ratings still follow the show, not that much better than the very quickly cancelled Ironside, but NBC did take a punt on season 2 of Hannibal, will they do it here as well? I hope so as this remains moustache twirling fun and only cable levels of sexiness could improve upon it's delectable silliness.

Dracula is shown in the UK on Sky Living on Mondays and is available on SkyGo

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