Dracula 1:10 - Let There Be Light

Spoilers for episode 9 and 10 of Dracula ahead

Well we skipped a week, so I'll update you that Jonathan is out for Grayson's blood and has joined the Order of The Dragon who have called in all the big guns to turn London into a gigantic vampire hunt. As reward for her villainy, Lucy has been visited by the fanged one and "turned", and well Van Helsing was responsible for the kidnapping of Browning's children and seems to have broken away from his shared vengeance with Grayson.

In this finale, key characters bite the big one and more subsidiary ones take on an interesting turn for any second series (should it get commissioned). We begin with Grayson making plans for his demonstration of geomagnetic power, unaware that Harker has betrayed him and is planning to help the Order sabotage it. Also beyond his clutches is Van Helsing who has been feeding the Browning children vampire blood and now sends a grisly ransom note to their father. imageRenfield is dispatched to find both gentlemen and succeeds with returning the former, but is murdered by the latter who is in the process of destroying his plans and chemicals which helped Dracula to walk in daylight. Van Helsing escapes to his kidnapper's lair to wait for Browning and when his quarry arrives he exacts a revenge that sees the Order of the Dragon's leader consumed by his children.

Back at the demonstration, Harker attempts to save Mina from the planned explosion and she alerts Grayson who can't stop the coming carnage. With the Order destroying scores of vampire, Lady Jayne learns their master is her former lover and sets out to find him amongst the rubble. Their battle ends with Grayson heeding her request to not turn her but to simply kill her. Mina and Grayson reunite and he tells her of his great love Ilona. Meanwhile Harker and Van Helsing are joining forces and Lucy feeds on her own mother.imageAfter all the manoeuvring of the series start and the blood-letting of recent weeks, Dracula went out on a bang seemingly killing off Renfield, Lady Jayne, Browning and a endless supply of common folk and the undead. Van Helsing emerged as the enemy we had always expected and elements of the original story were skilfully returned to after much original plotting. A second series could return to what we expect of this tale of love beyond death.

A particularly good word for Rhys Meyers this week. The script gave him a great speech around his battle with Lady Jayne and he moved properly from sexy vampire to worn out avenger with it, nice work from him when a lot of his performance has been about the visceral to move effortlessly into the poetic. Overall, I've really loved this series and NBC still haven't decided on whether to give it another go - after this excellent finale, surely they must....

Dracula was shown in the UK on Sky Living. The final episodes are available on SkyGo

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