Don't Hate the Player

In what must be the most fun episode this season, Fargo from Eureka returns to the Warehouse 13 world when the team are called on to help him get out of a tricky situation. Fargo’s hired some college games developers to work on a new gaming system that uses all the senses and pulls you into the virtual reality of the game world. Of course, he failed to mention to anyone that he was using an artifact to assist in the development of the technology – Beatrix Potter’s teaset, which causes hallucinations in anyone who tastes tea from it. And because of it, Fargo and one of the college kids are firmly stuck inside the game when Claudia, Pete and Myka arrive to investigate.


Claudia and Pete volunteer to go into the game world to save Fargo and his friend, Jerry. Pete picks a gladiator character, Claudia says she wants to go in as ‘myself’ but that translates as ‘an elf’. Cue pointy ears! They encounter digital versions of Artie and Leena, and start the quest line to save the princess, hoping to rescue Fargo on the way. Outside the game, Myka discovers the tea doesn’t just open the mind, but also heightens anxieties, with each player’s worst fears popping up as encounters. This, of course, leads to insights into the characters and what makes them tick (and tremble), but eventually it’s solved when Myka enters the game to talk Jerry into proposing to his girlfriend – the situation he’s most anxious about.


Artie takes Jinks to respond to a call from FBI Agent Stukowski who rings in a tip about something odd happening at an art gallery. Of course, an artifact (a Van Gogh painting) is to blame, and Artie spots this and tries to solve the case while not getting any more attention from the annoying Stukowski than is absolutely necessary. All is not what it seems, however, and Stukowski manages to get her hands on the Van Gogh, separating from Artie and Jinks before meeting up with them later and handing them back the artifact.


The episode ends with everyone back at the Warehouse. The tea-set and painting are put away safely, but, as the camera pans away from the Van Gogh, we, the viewers see it release thousands of robotic bugs. Intriguing. What is Stukowski’s agenda?

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