Dark Matter: 3.07 Wish I Could Believe You

This week's episode of Dark Matter was filled with twists and turns, bringing Roger Cross's Griffin / Cal / Six back into the fold and keep the audience on their toes. Picking up from the brutal cliff-hanger of last week's episode - the independent colony slaughtered - Wish I Could Believe You dealt with that fallout while expanding his character in some interesting new directions.

Like last week's episode, which ran with the crew have gone evil before turning the plot on its head, this episode suggested that Griffin had been found alive on the planet, suffering from a milder version of the neurotoxin that killed the population while he was original off world for a meeting with the leaders of the independent colonies and then infected him upon his return. Haunted by a sudden surge of suppressed memories of his wife and child reality was quickly flipped on its head with the reveal that he was a prisoner of two Ferrous Corp scientists, trying to discover the location of the independent leaders for Commander Nieman.

The audience got its first proper look at Earth as Griffin's flashbacks dealt with the destruction of the colony that led him to the Raza in the first place, contemplating quitting the GA and supported by old friend Anders. It was an interesting piece if character development, though I was surprised that when everything was resolved and Anders (who was back to help the Raza find their old friend) took him home, he left his family to their new life. It seemed a bit of a cop out for Griffin to walk away.

Still that questionable decision was more than made up for the moments that Griffin realised he was in a dream world and tried to break free. Easily beating down the Android and escaping was the first clue and it took bolder action the second time round, flying the Raza into a sun when he realised he was part of a trap to locate the answers in his head. But the best twist had to be the moment that Griffin was 'shot' and the episode revealed that he had taken over his captor's mind and was playing him to locate the truth.

Wish I Could Believe You was another fun episode, dealing with the impact of Ferrous Corp's war against the rest of the galaxy, even if there's still a lot of telling what is happening rather than showing. It allowed the show to re-focus on its core cast and build Griffin back into the show; I also suspect Anders will become the latest recruit soon, his actions in helping Griffin and his recent disillusionment at the GA surely sawing him sooner rather than later.

And the episode ended with its usual hook as the Android went dark, watching the crew while they slept and almost shooting Marcus. I'm looking forward to how that plays out next week, particularly after the glimpse of her future a few episodes ago.

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